Restaurant Café – Pereybere – Mauritius Visit Review: 11.8

Basic and honest.

Ideally located at the opposite of the beach of Pereybere, this restaurant without a real name is easily recognizable by its characteristic red lanterns. Nothing very original or negative. You must try seafood, shrimp or octopus stew, garlic clams or octopus curry.       Medium table in an average environment. 2 checks of 56 and 30 [...]
Restaurant Café Pereybere Beignets de crevettes

Hong Kong Palace (Dum Dum!) – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 8.6

Running gag...

This restaurant is rather a huge canteen located on the 1st floor of the Grand Bay Super U. You are greeted at the exit of the lift by a photo of our previous french President Jacques Chirac who had to spend there one evening he did not want to glare at each other with his wife. This is what we would call a "gag-restaurant". First of all, the waitress kindly offers us two drinks. [...]
Hong Kong Palace Le fameux Kir!

Cinq Fois Plus – Paris – France Visit Review: 9

Salted disaster.

Restaurant that declines a concept that seems to have already worked well with cilli peppers. But this time, five times more than what?   Well, the chef must be very, very in love because it appears that it is salt. The vermicelli soup and ground pork was absolutely inedible. And the waitress did not seem surprised because when I told her about my problem, she [...]
Cinq fois Plus Au cas où...

L’Empire du Ravioli – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.6

Ravioli war!

With a name like that, we could be afraid. And pushing the door, let's not delude ourselves, it's a small canteen that does not seems like much. But the ravioli are good.       This is not an unforgettable memory but in the front of La Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital, the choice is extremely limited, except to eat a couscous at P'tit Cahoua just [...]
L'Empire du ravioli raviolis

Hanouman – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.2

Chinese canteen.

Good Chinese canteen with a mainly local clientele, which is a good sign. A little down for some time. Disappearance of Lo Mai Kai from the menu. Sad... Pig pot with pepper and caramel always excellent, as well as chicken legs. Very good choice of Dim Sun. Cheap rosé wine in carafe and that does not give a headache! Regularly small errors in the addition but either positive [...]
Hanouman Paris

Fashion Délice Chez Guan – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.8


Obviously this is not "great" gastronomy. But this is definitely a restaurant offering authentic traditional Chinese cuisine, with dishes that have nothing to do with what is found in 99% of Chinese restaurants in the world. The jellyfish salad (if, yes, it is eaten, not divine but original) or the hock of pig with taro are the proof. Traditional also spelling mistakes on the menu [...]