L’Alsace – Paris – France Visit Review: 12,8

Alsace a bit watered down

Despite my habits at restaurant Le Bretzel, I went to make culinary infidelity by pushing the door of L'Alsace, a restaurant located on the Champs-Elysées. Despite my very negative a priori on most of the establishments that border the most beautiful avenue in the world.         L'Alsace Salle   The choice was pretty obvious because you [...]
L'Alsace Choucroute

Chez Savy – Paris – France Visit Review: 12,4

Quick lunch at the end of "Taste of Paris". Parisian institution that neither disappoints nor provokes ecstasy. Very good rillettes in amuse bouche.     A bib of good Angus and a well-made Bearnaise.     Original sweetbreads served on a strange bed of ziti (long macaroni).     Half carafe of red wine a bit expensive [...]
Savy Bavette béarnaise

Le Procope – Paris – France Visit Review: 11,6

So neglected

The Procope remains faithful to the disinterest that it generates. It is with an unparalleled work force that everything is combined to make an establishment that is not very suitable an unpleasant memory without being disastrous.     First of all, be crudely denied access to the floor under the pretext that all the tables would be taken, when we know the [...]
Le Procope Escalier

Pavillon Augustine – Trouville – France Visit Review: 14

Face to pavilions

This is exactly the type of disconcerting establishment. Because on the outside appearance, we rather want to escape this modern pavilion with large windows, which looks more like the tourist trap than the honest table. But on the advice of a friend, I pushed the door. Even if Antigone II Gonatas said: "Keep me from my friends, my enemies, I take care of it", sometimes you have to [...]
Pavillon Augustine Filets de maquereaux

Brasserie Excelsior – Nancy – France Visit Review: 7,2

Excelsior? Médiocrator!

Even if you are an institution, there is no room for complacency. If the Excelsior had its glorious time, it is now only the shadow of a restaurant. It is even ashamed, after more than a century of service, not to know how to make a proper plate. The Excelsior Christmas Tree So what am I doing? I dilute you lines of text on the frame classified Historical Monument? Furniture from [...]
L'Excelsior Sapin de Noël

Vagenende – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.6

Everything but the color!

Very nice brasserie with interior architecture classified. Originally a Bouillon Chartier, then passed between several hands, it is saved from destruction by the inevitable Andre Malraux. Beautiful Belle époque decor where the woodwork and golden chandeliers are reflected in infinity in the beveled mirrors. The only fault of taste is in my opinion the new dominant color chosen for [...]
Vagenende Os à moelle

Chez Jenny – Paris – France Visit Review: 14

THE alsacian Brasserie!

As an Alsatian, I can only have a weakness for this Parisian institution even if it sometimes happens to disappoint me. Thus the removal of the beer Météor of the menu, replaced by a Kronenbourg which has nothing more Alsatian than history. Yes, Obernai is just a brewing place. Similarly, the Asahi is partly made in the Czech Republic (look at the back of the cans) and much of the [...]
Chez Jenny

Le Congrès Maillot – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.6

Not a "Maillot jaune"

We arrived around 22.30 after a show at the Palais des Congrès. Good welcome. However the whelks ordered, even if they were good, swam in their cooking water. We had two red meats but there was an error on the order of one. The products are of good quality but errors of this type are unacceptable given the alleged standing and the bill. Very friendly [...]
congres maillot Paris

Mollard – Paris – France Visit Review: 13


Fast lunch and alone for my last visit but my previous in my youth gave me the opportunity to taste my first lobster Thermidor, one of these recipes invented by Auguste Escoffier at the end of this flourishing nineteenth century. Today, I was satisfied with honest snails followed by an excellent tartare. And a real pleasure for the individual Norwegian omelet for dessert. Menu at [...]