K’Soya – Vincennes – France Visit Review: 10

Bof, bof, bof

Can we find bad Asian restaurants? That's right. That's right. An excellent example with K'Soya who learned everything from the bland industrial cuisine that was thought reserved for Western restaurants that only think of siphoning off the barge's wallet. But with a pretty decor that could make you think you're into gastronomy. But one thing is to avoid being [...]
K'Soya Bibimbap

Le Lys d’Or (i)- Paris – France Visit Review: 16,2

The lily always in bloom

From how many years of existence can a restaurant be considered as an institution? After 30 years, Le Lys d'Or could easily claim this distinction.    And without resting on its laurels. Indeed, without abandoning its gastronomic quality, Ms. Chen has transformed, with the effective collaboration of Manuel Mariani, her menu to focus on two culinary poles: the [...]
Le Lys d'Or Marmite Saint-Jacques

Zaoka – Paris – France Visit Review: 11

Let's be serious...

Dear restaurateur friends, a word of advice: be as afraid of positive opinions as of very negative ones. And stop running after the crazy rave. Having recently read about a restaurant at the discreet front of which I spent regularly, I thought I had to try. Result? Nothing more.    So obviously, it's an "exotic" restaurant. It therefore benefits from a priori [...]
Zaoka Fond bol de soupe

Les trois bonheurs – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,8

Return to the future

This is an article for old people. If you are under 30 and you consider Netflix as the Paramount of the 21st century, you will be dumped. Some Chinese restaurants are like "Return to the Future". You can remember some of the dishes that were tasted during the 1980s, in some of the factory-crafted establishments in Shenzen when it was just a small village in SEZ, while on your Walkman [...]
Les trois bonheurs Filet de boeuf

Mouffetard Saigon – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,6

Rue Mouffetard is always a neighborhood where the choice of the restaurant turns out to be a flip-flop, between the tourist traps and the extremely rare establishment that stands out. True to my reputation as a fighter of the impossible, I took my courage with both hands to find a small address at affordable prices.   As fortune favors the brave, I was not [...]
Mouffetard Saïgon Com Goi La Sen