Madame Shawn – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,6

On step beyond!

The archetype of the restaurant that is talked about in the press, and that makes the buzz. Did Mrs. Shawn ever exist, or is it a marketing concept wholly invented? The website is silent on this subject.     And then what? Well, well, well, well. A friendly and very thoughtful decor, an equally thoughtful menu, in its design and originality, but, as Wendy's (and [...]
Madame Shawn Mu kra ta et riz

Chez Basilic – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,6

Take care of tablecloths !

Asian restaurant rather classic, preferably in the middle range. With a good effort on elegant decor, white cloth tablecloths, and tablets.             After two passages, we will notice a well-worked cuisine with quality food and even an exciting touch of originality with coconut seafood. Interesting dish for its presentation. [...]
Chez Basilic Plat noix de coco 2

Taokan – Paris – France Visit Review: 11,8

Restaurant that we know immediately that a good part of the bill is made to pay more the decor than the plate. Not that it is bad but it is at the level of the claim.     The starters are of course more worked than at your Chinese caterer around the  street corner. You will not find this side slightly elastic for vapors and stickier than crisp for fried spring [...]
Taokan Saint-Jacques

Wang Thaï – Pereybere – Mauritius Visit Review: 14,2

Le Thaï de Pereybere

The skinning of the crab is still a source of conflict worthy of the war between Lilliput and Blefuscu. Should we eat the flesh as we go along or prepare everything and eat all the flesh at the end? I am from the second school.   Probably the best little surprise of our trip to Mauritius, this Thai restaurant is badly placed in Pereybere. It is not in front of the beach, [...]
Wang Thaï Roulades de crevettes

Teppanyaki Ginza Onodera – Paris – France Visit Review: 14,8

A Japanese restaurant (a real one!) is nothing like any other type of restaurant. It is a whole state of mind that is revealed furtively from the facade, the door crossed, the curtain before dining room, the courteous but distant reception, a decor with simple design but where a thousand discrete elements reveal the complexity of arrangement. Do not leave now! Don't worry, I'll avoid [...]
Teppanyaki Ginza Onodera Saumon avant cuisson

Korean Barbecue – Paris – France Visit Review: 12

By the way.

Between the indigestible pancakes and junk Japanese that surround Montparnasse station, why not a Korean barbecue? This one is far from being the worst of Paris. One can even say that the portions, the taste and the choice are suitable. And especially a very good air exhaust! Korean Barbecue Delambre Viande Barbecue   Fundamental not to make the happiness of [...]
Korean Barbecue Delambre Viande Barbecue

Kodawari Ramen – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.2

For the setting

This place was recently opened. It's funny with his copy of Japanese street. So we eat at the bar or on small coffee tables to share. And then all the staff say "Hello" and "Goodbye" (Japanese) in chorus at the entrance and exit of each customer. Probably a Japanese tradition. Let's go to the important, the ramen soup. I took the roast pig. The broth is tasty although a little salty. [...]
Kodawari Ramen Carte

A.T.(i) – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.4

Like a hen in front of an egg

To be honest, I hate this kind of restaurant in which I feel as silly as a hen in front of an egg. Minimalist portions, exorbitant prices, great culinary pretension ... And yet, nothing to complain about since it's good. And I love everything about Japan, the delicacy that some people know how to express without saying it. So let's go: overall, a great job but sometimes so much [...]
Restaurant AT

Sakagura – New-York – USA Visit Review: 17

Crazy Saké cellar

Restaurant located in a cellar of a New-York building, it is indicated from the street only by a simple and small light panel. The decoration is classic and banal Japanese (but not kitsch plastic). In bulk, I tasted a cold egg in a cold broth with sea urchin coral (Onsen Tamago). A simple appetizer but probably the finest and succulent dish of the evening. Some banal [...]
Sakagura Saké Summer Snow

Bonjour Viet-Nam – Paris – France Visit Review: 10


The place is small but with a nice summer terrace. The 6 steamed ravioles are excellent, very fine taste, fresh product. On the other hand, the pot of pork and shrimp is disappointing, hence my average rating. Hard meat, small portion, good balance of the sauce between sugar and salt. But compared to the entrance, you are still hungry. Very friendly service. Plus two Saigon beers, [...]