Chez L’Ami Fritz – Sarrebourg – France Visit Review: 15,4

Go East !

Just with a name like that, you can imagine that we are in eastern France. In Sarrebourg to be exact.     It is the locals who spent time on the school benches in Alsace and Lorraine who will know a little more than l'Ami Fritz is a character from a novel written by two authors from the East, Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian. It is the story of a bon vivant [...]
L'ami Fritz Os à moelle

L’Alsace – Paris – France Visit Review: 12,8

Alsace a bit watered down

Despite my habits at restaurant Le Bretzel, I went to make culinary infidelity by pushing the door of L'Alsace, a restaurant located on the Champs-Elysées. Despite my very negative a priori on most of the establishments that border the most beautiful avenue in the world.         L'Alsace Salle   The choice was pretty obvious because you [...]
L'Alsace Choucroute

Au Bretzel – Paris – France Visit Review: 15,4

Rare à Paris

Except the big "brasseries" known by everybody, the small Alsatian restaurants are one of the rarities in Paris. It is true that we, the Alsatians, have never been able to ensure our promotion as Bretons or Aveyronnais. And with a minimalist website, a facade hidden in a small street of the fourteenth arrondissement, in the shadow of La Creole, you have to know to go [...]
Au Bretzel Petite alsacienne

Brasserie Excelsior – Nancy – France Visit Review: 7,2

Excelsior? Médiocrator!

Even if you are an institution, there is no room for complacency. If the Excelsior had its glorious time, it is now only the shadow of a restaurant. It is even ashamed, after more than a century of service, not to know how to make a proper plate. The Excelsior Christmas Tree So what am I doing? I dilute you lines of text on the frame classified Historical Monument? Furniture from [...]
L'Excelsior Sapin de Noël

A la table du bon roi Stanislas – Nancy France Visit Review: 11,2

Le roi est bon. Quant à l'assiette...

What is the N° 1 restaurant on TripAdvisor in Nancy worth? Its business is to propose a cooking based on original recipes of the 18° century and polish inspiration, King Stanislas requires. Thus the rum baba, invented by Nicolas Stohrer, the vol-au-vent or the Madeleine.     The partner who manages the room is an excellent seller who knows his menu very well and [...]
A la table du bon roi Stanislas Boudin blanc

La Maison dans le Parc – Nancy – France Visit Review: 14,8

Nice Maison in a nice parc.

La Maison dans le Parc, Nancy's only Michelin-starred restaurant, under the direction of chef Françoise Mutel, could not avoid my passage. And this was definitely the best step of my four stops. At my next visit, I will try to visit château d'Adomenil, near Luneville, which is the only comparable house nearby.     The dining-room is classic, in black, overlooking a [...]
La Maison dans le Parc Filet Angus

Le V’Four – Nancy- France Visit Review: 12


The name of this establishment is in the approximate. Even if it is not by comparative pretension but for historical reasons (related to the name of the former owner) that his name is phonetically very close to that of Guy Martin "Grand Véfour". So the plate is also in the same vein. You don't judge a book on its cover. The decor is modern and without much interest. The usual [...]
Le V'Four Saint-Jacques à la plancha

A mon idée – Sainte-Menehould – France Visit Review: 14.4


First, why making a stop at Sainte-Menehould? With a name like that, with the various pronunciations and writings that have made linguists quarrel for centuries, there is something to be afraid of. But Alexandre Dumas saved the city by making (well before the internet!) a crazy sales promotion to the ménehildienne specialty, the fabulous pig's foot "à la Sainte-Menehould ". So visit [...]
A mon idée Ris de veau

Le Schatzy – Sélestat – France Visit Review: 13

Little treasury.

In Alsatian (in German too but don't make this kind of comparison, Alsatians do not like), schatzi, it is a tender name for his better half or someone we love. Literally it means "treasure". In this case, the treasure is not difficult to find since it is located in the old town of Séléstat. But the door crossed, you are rather welcomed in a modern setting, with Starck Victoria Ghost [...]
Le Schatzy Pot au feu

S’Kastele – Schiltigheim – France Visit Review: 15.4

Everything is good!

Oh damn, I just spoiled the article with the title. But why beating around the bush when authenticity, quality, simplicity, generosity are combined to give you a good evening? A grievance? Would I not be an ogre that I could have complained of not being able to finish my plate. But I managed it! On the other hand, do not try to find the "sauerkraut from the sea" with half a Canadian [...]
S'Kastele Mehlknepfle