Tabernash Tavern – Tabernash – USA Visit Review: 12.4


We are there in an American restaurant above the general average.

The wine list, even if it totally ignores French wines, is elegantly provided with varied and quality products.

As an appetizer, nice but slightly floury seafood dumplings, classic fried onions.

For the dish, a knuckle of lamb “à la marocaine” excellent and lamb chop of Colorado, served widely and with perfect cooking.

Average dessert with Baileys.

Do you know that Baileys is not a traditional product? It has been created in 1974 and is promoted by a very good marketing plan. It is probably the consequence of the discover by an engineer that cream was stable if blended with alcohol.

Tabernash Tavern Quel accueil!

Tabernash Tavern Quel accueil!

Why the service “mixed“? If our waitress was perfect, the boss, despite a reservation, made us wait 15 minutes without kind words. The bartender, seeing us waiting, offers us a glass of wine while waiting. The way it was presented, it seemed to be offered. It was not. Get fooled of 18 USD!

Apart from our waitress, it missed this very special welcome from American storekeepers.

Even if the quality is at the rendez-vous, we feel that the house does not run after the customer and are a little casual with.

To eat well, count 80/100 USD per person, service included.

Date of the visite: 2014 February
Ski ,USA
Tabernash Tavern Quel accueil!

Tel: 00 1 970 726 4430
Addrese: 72287 US Highway 40, Tabernash, CO 80478

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