Poissonnerie Pillet-Saiter (T800!) – Trouville/Deauville – France Visit Review: 14.6

Deauville without Show-Off

Of course, you do not have tablecloths with classic service. It’s a fish shop that puts a few tables in front. But it’s very nice. Vendors directly take the products you want on the stall, prepare and serve them.

Since this is not a restaurant, no cooking, and no bread. So you have to go to the bakery next door to find a brown bread to accompany the oysters. It’s even the server that proposes it!

The products are extra-fresh and of excellent quality.

Poissonnerie Pillet-Saiter Plateau

Poissonnerie Pillet-Saiter Plateau

Friendly service, efficient and smiling. It is obvious that it may be a little tense in the summer.

Seafood tray for two with oysters, 4 beautiful langoustines, whelks, shrimp, a cake, 3 sea urchins full and a very honest Pouilly-Fuissé 2013 for 92 euros.

For Deauville, it’s given … Do not increase your prices! Thank you for everything.

Date of the visite: 2017 February
Products of the sea ,T800 ,West-France
Poissonnerie Pillet-Saiter Plateau

Tel: 00 33 2 31 88 02 10
Website: http://poissonnerie-pilletsaiter.fr
Addrese: boulevard Fernand Moureaux, 14360 Trouville, France

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