Pavillon Augustine – Trouville – France Visit Review: 14

Face to pavilions

This is exactly the type of disconcerting establishment. Because on the outside appearance, we rather want to escape this modern pavilion with large windows, which looks more like the tourist trap than the honest table. But on the advice of a friend, I pushed the door. Even if Antigone II Gonatas said: “Keep me from my friends, my enemies, I take care of it”, sometimes you have to listen to your friends.



The interior is not particularly exciting. But as there is the view of the port, as much put on the edge of the window (or on the terrace when the weather is good). Obviously we take much less advantage of the harbor view at night in winter!

Let’s have a look at the menu since we came here to eat. The choice will obviously be on local products, we did not come to Trouville to eat a sauerkraut!

The mackerel fillets are a nice presentation, excellent, even if the vinegary background was a bit powerful. The whipped cream with the pommé of Auge was a little lost.

Pavillon Augustine Filets de maquereaux

Pavillon Augustine The mackerel fillets


At the beginning of the day, an elegant velvety scallops and truffle oil.

Pavillon Augustine Velouté de Saint-Jacques, huile de truffe

Pavillon Augustine velvety scallops and truffle oil


But our chef seems to have forgotten the basics of presentation of whole fish: always head to the left. But as the cooking is perfect, the excellent taste (a little normal, we are at the edge of the sea!), everything is fine.

Pavillon Augustine Sole

Pavillon Augustine Sole


A little bit of presentation work for the salmon and sea bream tartare, with some pomegranate seeds.

Pavillon Augustine Tartare de saumon

Pavillon Augustine Tartare salmon


Small weakness for caramel cabbage which, if it tastes good, if it is well worked with a cracker, is too soft in the dough. Made in advance and kept refrigerated, it has therefore captured moisture and is soft under the tooth. Pity.

Pavillon Augustine Chou

Pavillon Augustine Chou

The beautiful feature of Pavillon Augustine is to offer a wine cellar quite exceptional for the place. In addition to the base list, already quite well stocked, it has several great vintage wines that would not expect in this kind of establishment.

The cherry on the cake, the boss of the restaurant, Arnaud, is very cool while being professional. He embellishes his menu with little hints of humor. He knows how to respond respectfully and with teasing to the comments of bad coaters on TripAdvisor.



Check of 150,80 euros for two.

Pavillon Augustine Addition

Pavillon Augustine Check

Date of the visite: 2018 January
Brasserie ,Exceptional view ,Exceptional wines ,Products of the sea ,Terrace ,West-France
Pavillon Augustine Filets de maquereaux

Tel: 00 33 2 31 98 40 48
Addrese: 1 Quai Albert 1er, 14360 Trouville-sur-Mer

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