Zaoka – Paris – France Visit Review: 11

Let's be serious...

Dear restaurateur friends, a word of advice: be as afraid of positive opinions as of very negative ones. And stop running after the crazy rave. Having recently read about a restaurant at the discreet front of which I spent regularly, I thought I had to try. Result? Nothing more.    So obviously, it's an "exotic" restaurant. It therefore benefits from a priori [...]
Zaoka Fond bol de soupe

Dans les Landes – Paris – France Visit Review: 9,2

Bienvenue at Banal Landes

Sometimes I get to wonder if I would rather eat in a really "bad" restaurant than in one of those commonplace establishments that dot the streets. Archetype of the fictional restaurant with sports scarves, noisy, with disastrous lighting, anonymous service and a "traditional style" concept.  Is it a Landes tradition to offer the smallest towels imaginable? In any case, what [...]
Dans les Landes Magret aux sarments de vignes

Le Procope – Paris – France Visit Review: 11,6

So neglected

The Procope remains faithful to the disinterest that it generates. It is with an unparalleled work force that everything is combined to make an establishment that is not very suitable an unpleasant memory without being disastrous.    First of all, be crudely denied access to the floor under the pretext that all the tables would be taken, when we know the [...]
Le Procope Escalier

La Réserve – Paris – France Visit Review:


If music softens manners, poetry is not far off in the art of flourishing minds. This is how Jean-Luc Naret imagined it by creating poetic breakfasts one Saturday a month in its setting of La Réserve.    On the 14th of April, it was the manes of Charles Baudelaire who were crossing the library of the place, between the piano and the inner [...]
la réserve Lustre

Les trois bonheurs – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,8

Return to the future

This is an article for old people. If you are under 30 and you consider Netflix as the Paramount of the 21st century, you will be dumped. Some Chinese restaurants are like "Return to the Future". You can remember some of the dishes that were tasted during the 1980s, in some of the factory-crafted establishments in Shenzen when it was just a small village in SEZ, while on your Walkman [...]
Les trois bonheurs Filet de boeuf

Pizza di Gio – Paris -France Visit Review: 11,8

Several elements distinguish a good pizza from a bad one. The first, and fundamental, is the preparation of the dough. It must rest at least for 24 hours after a rigorous preparation. We can say that a priori Pizza di Gio respects this first step since the pizza was really crunchy, well cooked, with this smell and taste that you could eat unaccompanied.  The margherita is [...]
Pizza di Gio Pizza Salsiccia

La Truffière (i) – Paris – France Visit Review: 16

Sublimation of the vegetable

There are houses whose constancy and perseverance in adversity must be commended. La Truffière had suffered a fire in 2002, which forced it to abandon its elegant fireplace (when you are kept by safety standards). It had waited years for a Michelin star, which has been significantly faster for other establishments. At the departure of Jean-Christophe Rizet, the same guide removed this [...]
La Truffière Tartelette croquante sot-l'y-laisse de près !

Juste – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,6


Calimero because I was not going to make a basic pun about the name of the restaurant. But I think after reading my article, the owners will say: it's an injustice!It is ranked high on Trip Advisor, though, as usual, some rate a fast food establishment as a real restaurant. The concept is funny : you select your dishes on a stall of fishmonger. The food is precooked and packaged in [...]
Juste Bulots

Le repaire des Ours – Le Fayet – France Visit Review: 8,8

An Ogre in bear lair

When you have a change of ownership, at some point, it's still a mess. In this case, the FaceBook Page is still held by the former manager, the website is in the road. And everyone complains that it's not the same anymore. Indeed, the lady who receives you is really far from being kind. She is lucky to have an elderly but super-nice waitress to round the corners with the guests.You [...]
Le repaire des Ours Opéra blanc

Le 5e Cru – Paris – France Visit Review: 12

Small friendly cafeteria of the 5th arrondissement whose main activity is selling wines. Some tables and a simple menu to eat.An honest rabbit terrine even if a little compact.  A duck breast of very good taste but served rare while requested rosé. Eggplant donuts with a little bit chaotic form.  Classic Tatin tart. Puff pastry a little elastic. [...]
5e Cru Terrine de lapin