Emirates Visit Review:

Treat yourself!

Flying in Business Class on Emirates is a bit nostalgic of what the airlines companies were in their glory days, when they spent money, when nothing was too much to satisfy the customer. This company makes you forget this hesitation that you had when you validated the upgrade, this moment when you said to yourself: "It is true that we must have fun in life but is it really [...]
Emirates Plateau Entrées

Abbeyglen Castle Hotel – Clifden – Eire Visit Review:

Red neck +

Strange hotel whose distant appearance kindly deceives when you are near. But up close, the concrete walls to over-lineage to believe that it is stone, the tacky decoration, the customers "red neck +" immediately get your head straight. Do not be fooled by the website that flings "luxury" at every corner and displays photos of excellent [...]
Abbeyglen Hotel Chambre

Byrnes – Ennistymon – Eire Visit Review: 12,6

Motley !

Establishment with strange decoration since the facade is extremely colorful, the entrance is quite chic, with some stools and a nice bar, then the intermediate room, absolutely not lit, and the third room which gives on a beautiful terrace with a view on the famous waterfalls of Ennistymon. But this room has filthy chairs and plastic tablecloths that compete with [...]
Byrne's Façade 3

Off the square – Clifden – Eire Visit Review: 14

Show off the square!

Last stop of our stay in Clifden and probably the best value for money with the pleasure of tasting a lobster straight out of the fishpond and some Irish oysters! More fleshy than the delicate French tables. Even appearing a little heretic, I will admit that I like. I have a soft spot for Utah Beach or Horse's Feet (very big french oysters). It is not necessarily  "gastronomy" but it [...]
Off The Square Homard

Hiney’s – Crossmolina – Eire Visit Review: 8,2

A culinary abyss

Is there an abyss of Irish cuisine? If so, it is probably located in Crossmolina where the Hiney's includes what is worse in the accomplished amateurism.     And yet what's more charming than a small Irish pub with some alcoholic old men idle in the middle of the day, an aquarium hanging at 2 meters, an invalid anesthetizing his pain with [...]
Hiney's Aquarium

Mitchell’s Restaurant – Clifden – Eire Visit Review: 12

Basic mistakes

Clifden is a chic seaside town that alternates elegant restaurants and pubs. Mitchell's is in the first category. But the selection of dishes that we could eat obliges the gastronomical chronicler to a great objectivity because one oscillates between good products and big mistakes.     The setting is quite elegant with especially a well decorated first floor room. [...]
Mitchell's Restaurant Huîtres chaudes

Belleek Castle – Ballina – Eire Visit Review: 15,8

The castle of drunk beef

The Belleek Castle looks a bit like fairy tales. After crossing a huge fortified gate, you travel several hundred meters in a large wooded park to finally appearing at the corner of a bend, placed on a hill, a castle with gray hues contrasting incredibly with a grass of a green not found.       Crossing the front door, you are immersed in a world [...]
Belleek Castle Façade du château

Nook – Collonney – Eire Visit Review: 11,8

Small establishment not serving alcohol; not even beer! In Ireland !     It is true that it is more a family spirit that gives the owners to the place. If you do not like children, don't go there!   Honest hamburgers. As everywhere, the Irish do not know how to cook french fries. Even if they add with originality herbs to raise the [...]
Nook Jus Berry Love

Ait Eile – Enniscrone – Eire Visit Review: 11

Too many mistakes

First stop of our stay in Ireland and I must recognize that the County of Mayo is not particularly provided in restaurants of high quality. It is therefore without asking me many questions that I select the restaurant No. 1 on TripAdvisor in Enniscrone.     The cocktails are quite rustic, with pieces of broken ice that make the tasting difficult and some small ice [...]
Ait Eile Filet migon de porc

Louis Vins – Paris- France Visit Review: 15,2

Stil "on the road"

Thanks to the excellent application Lastable I decided to push the door of Louis Vins again. Indeed, 30% discount on the solids, I am not going to say no.     My last visit in September 2014 had left me a little unsatisfied. Although the food was good, I really felt the lack of a guideline in the kitchen. We did not know where we were [...]
Louis Vins Poulet fermier, poitrine de cochon et champignons