Faggio – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,4

It is not this pizzeria that could have ranked in the top 10 of the classification of the best pizzas in France. Not that pizzas are particularly bad, but they suffer from a letting go that makes all the difference between the exceptional and the misfire.    Because we feel that the dough is quite well worked but then there is a poor management of cooking that makes [...]
Faggio Pizza Diavola

Chez Savy – Paris – France Visit Review: 12,4

Quick lunch at the end of "Taste of Paris". Parisian institution that neither disappoints nor provokes ecstasy. Very good rillettes in amuse bouche.  A bib of good Angus and a well-made Bearnaise.  Original sweetbreads served on a strange bed of ziti (long macaroni).  Half carafe of red wine a bit expensive [...]
Savy Bavette béarnaise

Allegria Paris – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,4

Allegro amabile

The Jardin d'Ivy (fortunately!) gave up its place rue Mouffetard to another establishment that I promised myself to test allegretto.   We start with an appoggiature of croutons with olive oil, mozzarella, olives and basil leaves.    And not just a basic oil since the house offers a Frantoia with a superb aroma.   We [...]
Allegria Paris Linguine de la mer

Given – Paris – France Visit Review: 10

Spices are vegan!

As you can imagine, vegetarian restaurants are not my favorite places. But since I'm not sectarian, I have to test everything. Let's go for a working lunch with Laurence Bellissen, the boss of Délices Corner, a promising young catering company. Then, please excuse me in advance, but for the sake of simplicity, I will put in the same bag vegan and vegetarian. This will save me from [...]
Given Salade betterave

Bistro Mauzac – Paris – France Visit Review: 9,2

Cela fait cher la banalité

Writing on an average restaurant is probably the worst test of the gastronomic columnist. Nothing exceptional or really catastrophic to hang on, no memories created for the future, between anonymity and banality, neither for better nor for worse ...  So a sausage and a very commonplace aligot and who did not see much the hand of a craftsman.    A duck [...]
Bistrot Mauzac Saucisse aligot

Chez Paulette – Manosque – France Visit Review: 8

Just run!

Eating near an industrial area is always a risk. I confirm it. And yet the outward appearance could lead to believe that there was hope to nibble potluck of the good little good home. The starter is an attempt at originality by serving a small salad in half a lemon. How to say...? I will not say anything ...The burger is everything you never want to see. A flabby bread covering a [...]
Chez Paulette Tiramisu

Snack Ferrat – Saint-Maurice-en-Trièves – France Visit Review: 12

On the road of holidays...

Finding an impromptu restaurant on the road for holidays is always a challenge. Yielding to the pressure of a troop of hungry bellies, the random stop in front of the Snack Ferrat allowed me to anticipate a forced fasting of my stomach.    However, this small snack is proof that with a little work and if we do not limit ourselves to frozen industrial foods, it is [...]
Snack Ferrat Burger poulet

Bistrot Buci Mazarine – Paris – France Visit Review: 14,6

Riche lieu rue Mazarine.

As summer approached, it was time to stock up on the last cassoulet of the season. Although, it would not scare me in the middle of August ... but I will not be in Paris in August! Small dinner alone on the terrace of this restaurant Alain Dutournier.   Classic and well made terrine of sweetbreads and hazelnuts. We feel good quality elements worked very well. A [...]
Bistrot Buci Mazarine Terrine de ris de veau

The Moose – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,6

Poutine, our friend!

Obviously nothing to do with Vladimir! But the Quebec specialty is one of the (many!) weak points of my beloved half. It melts as much as the famous cheddar that serves as the main element of this dish of the Belle Province. So I could not avoid having one day to cross the doors of one of the few Parisian establishments proposing the "thing".   At the end of a [...]

Zaoka – Paris – France Visit Review: 11

Let's be serious...

Dear restaurateur friends, a word of advice: be as afraid of positive opinions as of very negative ones. And stop running after the crazy rave. Having recently read about a restaurant at the discreet front of which I spent regularly, I thought I had to try. Result? Nothing more.    So obviously, it's an "exotic" restaurant. It therefore benefits from a priori [...]
Zaoka Fond bol de soupe