Beach Rouge Lux Belle Mare – Belle Mare – Mauritius Visit Review: 14,2

Almost very good

The Lux* group is known a lot in Mauritius for a few years, mainly through a fairly active communication policy, highlighting their three hotels located at three sides of the island.     This is the Belle Mare that I visited, with a main stop in its restaurant Beach Rouge.       The entrance is very classic for this kind of upscale [...]

Le Barachois – Prince Maurice – Mauritius Visit Review:

Total disapointment !

I was very happy to return to the Barachois, amazing restaurant of Prince Maurice, one of the most beautiful hotels in Mauritius. Already last year I had suffered from their ultra-restrictive policy that makes them refuse reservations even when the restaurant is empty. It is a marketing concept of making scarcity that defends itself but is frustrating for those who suffer [...]
Prince Maurice Décor 2

Wang Thaï – Pereybere – Mauritius Visit Review: 14,2

Le Thaï de Pereybere

The skinning of the crab is still a source of conflict worthy of the war between Lilliput and Blefuscu. Should we eat the flesh as we go along or prepare everything and eat all the flesh at the end? I am from the second school.   Probably the best little surprise of our trip to Mauritius, this Thai restaurant is badly placed in Pereybere. It is not in front of the beach, [...]
Wang Thaï Roulades de crevettes

The Spoon Be Cosy – Trou aux Biches – Mauritius Visit Review: 9,8

Ducasse, it is Alain, not Maurice

Short stop that deserves only a short article. We are more in a snack spirit barely improved than the real restoration. Only the nice pool of the hotel could excite you.   Pretty basic menu offering the basics of Mauritian cuisine and others. Nothing good except perhaps the garlic cream that accompanied shrimps.     The fish tartare (we do not know [...]
The Spoon Palmier piscine

Sands Resort and Spa – Flic en Flac – Mauritius Visit Review:

The Sands Resort is one of the few hotels in Mauritius that still belongs to a local family and not a large international group. That's why we always feel in this establishment a slightly less formatted atmosphere than in many other establishments. The rooms are beautiful and all overlooking a beautiful garden facing the Indian Ocean.   They have a shimmering decoration and [...]
Sands Resort and Spa Vue piscine

Spices Sands Resort – Flic en Flac – Mauritius Visit Review:

Contrary to my habits, I do not rate this restaurant because sometimes it is necessary to adapt to particular situations. Indeed, Guillaume Brégeat, the new chef arrived only five months ago at the management of the restaurants of Sands Resort and he has not yet had the time to remodel the menu. You will tell me that five months is enough. But the situation of hotel in the tropical [...]
Spices Sands Resort Risotto

Le Pescatore – Trou aux Biches – Mauritius Visit Review: 12,6

What the cost!

How to leave a restaurant having eaten well but with a bitter taste in the mouth? Just go to Le Pescatore at Trou aux Biches in Mauritius.     Very nice elegant and cosy ambiance, well decorated.     Similarly, the menu is physically qualitative. There was a significant expense in a good printer.     The bread is very good. The [...]
Le Pescatore Gueule pavée brèdes

La vieille rouge – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 13,2

Beau plateau

I will take the risk of getting angry with 99% of the restaurants in Mauritius but we will discuss the subject of lobster, fresh and local. You must know that you will very rarely get fresh and that it can often not be Mauritian. This concerns all restaurants in Mauritius, not specifically "La vieille rouge". Only the restaurants of luxury hotels, for reasons of price and supply chain, [...]
La vieille rouge Plateau de la mer

Le Bénitier – Pereybere – Mauritius Visit Review: 12

Sympathetic but not more

I think I have almost ate in all the main restaurants of Pereybere! Le Bénitier is facing the beach and is part of the classic range of small local restaurants.       Nothing very original or exceptional on the menu. But honest and correct food.     The best part is probably the chicken accras, very well cooked, with a donut dough [...]
Le Bénitier Crevettes créoles

Mamma Mia – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 11,6

Light Please!

If I listened to my friend Paul-Emmanuel, I would put a 20/20 and write a dithyrambic article on Mamma Mia, one of his Mauritian canteens. But as my best half sometimes says, I'm not always someone cool ... Do not expect a shootdown flame because we eat pretty well in this Italian restaurant in Grand BaIE. It has the first benefit of having existed for years. This proves that the [...]
Mamma Mia Antipasti