A la duchesse Anne – Saint-Malo – France Visit Review: 10.8

There is plenty of dirt to dig...

Lying against the wall of Saint-Malo, the place is in line with what is expected of this kind of "bourgeois" houses. Beautiful doors with carved wood lintels, tablecloths, beautiful glasses, everything is a priori so that we spend a good time. The menu confirms us in this hope. The service is particularly neat. The disappointment comes from dishes that, if they are honest, make you [...]
A la duchesse Anne

114, Faubourg – Paris – France Visit Review: 12

To do again.

If Epicure left me an extraordinary memory during my passage in January 2017, the 114 Faubourg restaurant had left me a little bit unsatisfied. It is true that it was a few years ago and that meanwhile there were important changes. Indeed, the Michelin star has come to reward the establishment. Despite a setting that is no longer to be praised with its famous staircase, a friendly [...]

Le Procope – Paris – France Visit Review: 12

A place stepped in history.

When I tell my US clients that our oldest café still open was 90 years before their declaration of independence, they can't believe it as they buy from their antique dealers objects 50 years old. It is therefore quite logically that we see them rushing up into this place to convince themselves that there was an evolved civilization before them, that Humanity did not go directly from [...]

Wally le Saharien – Paris – France Visit Review: 15,6

Casual dromadary.

More than 30 years that Wally treats us with his saharan couscous. It was initially located rue Le Regrattier on Île Saint-Louis before moving into the 9th arrondissement. But the concern when you want to be too authentic is to disarm those who are used to a cooking "adapted". So when they are served a dry semolina, a simple piece of grilled lamb, when they do not liters of broth and [...]

Au pigeon – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 15.4


The first attraction of this restaurant is its superb facade of the thirteenth century. I do not know if the raven of the facade, torn off by a truck a few years ago, has since been replaced. The interior is the same kind, authentically truthful, in its original state. Apart from electricity, not a piece of modernity and it feels good! They offer Alsatian cuisine simple, traditional [...]

Café de la gare – Antananarivo – Madagascar Visit Review: 13.2

Let's Go!

As its name the "Café de la Gare" is an establishment that is located in the old train station of Tananarive. Immediately you will be immersed in the warm atmosphere of a "Brasserie à la Française". Here we do not wait for the train and we will not miss it since the Café de la Gare has become the meeting place for all tourists, expatriates, artists, politicians, lovers and trendy [...]

Le Rossini – Antananarivo – Madagascar Visit Review: 15.6


One of the incontrounables of Tananarive. It is difficult to spend a few days in this city without going to dinner at this establishment. There are some tourists but also all members of the French community who are here around a table of quality, working the Malagasy foie gras. If, yes, it exists and has nothing to envy [...]

La Varangue – Antananarivo – Madagascar Visit Review:


The other must-see restaurant in Tananarive but a bit more elegant than the Rossini. Variations on local products from many fish and shellfish (squid, crayfish, seabream) to the ubiquitous zebu, the local ruminant. Do not forget that Madagascar produces an excellent foie gras found on all the beautiful tables. Do not be fooled by the prices of dishes with lots of zeros, the local [...]

Brasserie La Lorraine – Paris – France Visit Review: 16

Top of the range Brasserie.

La Lorraine is one of those Brasseries that have long since have its back to the medium-range volume to turn towards a selection of quality products, even if it means cutting itself off from a certain clientele. There is no value judgment in this finding, especially since the result is good. I will remember for a long time my first veal steak there, even before work restored it to the [...]
La Lorraine