Chez René – Paris – France Visit Review: 14

Lost tradition.

Beautiful setting, good service, nice menu. But a detail that kills, the coq au vin. A real coq au vin is necessarily marinated (not three days, I know, there are sanitary standards) in red wine. When you are served one whose inner flesh is completely white ..., it means that the poultry was cooked separately, in a basic way, and that we added nicely a wine sauce (quite thick ) beside. [...]

Les Brigittines (T800) – Bruxelles – Belgium Visit Review: 16

It is by chance that I discovered this restaurant while going out to visit the Chapel. I had "felt" the window positively, the same for the menu. And I was not disappointed. It is in front of a chapel at the end of Blaes straat, a street of antiques. Rakish dishes perfectly worked: pig feet, a veal excellent, a coriander tartar quite honest. With a Belgian beer, [...]
Les Brigittines Pièce de bœuf Galicia sauce choron, salade de blé et chicons

Belga Queen – Ghent – Belgium Visit Review: 12

Good surprise

Not being a fan of fashionable restaurants, trendy design, I went to Belga Queen reluctantly. If the check was what I was expecting (a bit expensive), the quality was, however, at the rendez-vous. Excellent minced Charolais, the same for maatjes and desserts. Pretentious tartar with pinch of useless caviar and vodka cap. But as the view is superb, we forgive the service not very [...]

La Taverne du Passage – Bruxelles – Belgium Visit Review: 13


We had to go ... since it's an institution. No big disappointment, no good surprise. So not much to say. The service is quality and friendly if you know how to be. The shrimp croquettes, the calf's head in turtle are quite honest. A table on the terrace in the gallery is very pleasant and less noisy than I feared. But the website is a disaster. Pages with stil latin filling texts, [...]
La Taverne du Passage Façade

Aux Armes de Bruxelles – Bruxelles – Belgium Visit Review: 11.8

By lack of choice

Not much to say. A luxury brasserie suitable. Not an imperishable souvenir either in the good or in the bad. But it is true that it is nevertheless a haven of peace in the rue des Bouchers, where none of the restaurants are to save. So you can push the door without fear but without waiting for [...]

Comme chez soi – Bruxelles – Belgium Visit Review: 16.6

Play it again, Sam.

Restaurant that completely deserves its Michelin stars. Products of excellent quality, service at the right level without being pretentious, under the leadership of Laurence Rigolet. A fillet of sole that reconciled me with this fish that I do not appreciate very much. Perfect stir-fried sweetbreads. With a delicious morel sauce. Not really "light", fresh cream "oblige", but I [...]
Comme chez soi Dessert

Polidor – Paris – France Visit Review: 14,2

Two centuries later...

Almost two centuries that this restaurant clings to rue Monsieur le Prince. If Tout-Paris and a number of international celebrities frequent regularly, the menu has never been big headed and always offers simple dishes at low prices. From the indestructible egg mayonnaise to cream of blond lentils with foie gras, celery rémoulade, smoked salmon, we oscillate between 4 and 12 euros for [...]

Aqua café – Suresnes – France Visit Review: 12

With the stream...

Formerly Salon sur l'Eau, the cooking seems to have now evolved into more transapline activities. To try one day to see if it is equal to the old version. In the meantime remains the setting that is always a pleasure. A few minutes from Porte Maillot you have the countryside on the water. Almost a shame to go at night, to enjoy our lymphatic Seine and the contrast of the trees of the [...]

Le Cap Horn – Saint-Malo – France Visit Review: 9.8


Despite a very nice room and excellent service, the plate is quite disappointing. Especially a sweetbread whose composition seemed to have been made without a global idea. It's not bad, but leaves no souvenir. Expensive for what it is. The director confirmed that I was the second client in a few days to make the same remarks [...]

Auberge du Terroir – Servon/Mont-Saint-Michel – France Visit Review: 16,2

To be known

You have to know that you must totally forget ALL the restaurants of Mont Saint-Michel. Great reason to get lost in Servon, a few miles away, and enjoy some very well prepared local produce. Among others, a Chausey lobster that relegates that of the Duchesse Anne at Saint-Malo far behind. We can only promote such restaurateurs who love their profession. A couple whose wife holds the [...]