Café de la gare – Antananarivo – Madagascar Visit Review: 13.2

Let's Go!

As its name the "Café de la Gare" is an establishment that is located in the old train station of Tananarive.Immediately you will be immersed in the warm atmosphere of a "Brasserie à la Française". Here we do not wait for the train and we will not miss it since the Café de la Gare has become the meeting place for all tourists, expatriates, artists, politicians, lovers and trendy [...]

Le Rossini – Antananarivo – Madagascar Visit Review: 15.6


One of the incontrounables of Tananarive. It is difficult to spend a few days in this city without going to dinner at this establishment. There are some tourists but also all members of the French community who are here around a table of quality, working the Malagasy foie gras. If, yes, it exists and has nothing to envy [...]

La Varangue – Antananarivo – Madagascar Visit Review:


The other must-see restaurant in Tananarive but a bit more elegant than the Rossini. Variations on local products from many fish and shellfish (squid, crayfish, seabream) to the ubiquitous zebu, the local ruminant. Do not forget that Madagascar produces an excellent foie gras found on all the beautiful tables. Do not be fooled by the prices of dishes with lots of zeros, the local [...]

Brasserie La Lorraine – Paris – France Visit Review: 16

Top of the range Brasserie.

La Lorraine is one of those Brasseries that have long since have its back to the medium-range volume to turn towards a selection of quality products, even if it means cutting itself off from a certain clientele. There is no value judgment in this finding, especially since the result is good. I will remember for a long time my first veal steak there, even before work restored it to the [...]
La Lorraine

Le Cheval rouge – Sainte-Menehould – France Visit Review: 13


Inescapable stop of my childhood: Sainte-Menehould and the Cheval rouge. If its weekly closures allowed me to discover the restaurant A mon idée, in the same city, this is not a reason to forget this place. In 2011, I managed to feed my Australian co-driver the famous pig's foot, so that at 60 years old, he could return to his island continent with an additional discovery.You [...]

Au Trou gascon – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.2


The institution is the desperation of the gastronomic chronicler. Making a paper once again dithyrambic at the risk of tiring the reader who will say to himself "Another one who was feed for free" or to make a takedown piece unjustified to make the buzz and be sure you have a few press covers when you are in the dark about notoriety. Well, it's difficult because I paid my check and [...]

La Tour d’Argent – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.4

Incredible view

I hesitated to make an article about a restaurant that I have not visited for almost 10 years. But attending regularly during the 90s, I wish to share with you some excellent souvenirs even if the house has difficulties to get up on its feet. First, the duck "au sang". Institution in the institution. My grandfather ate one in the 30s and threw his numbered duck card shortly before [...]

Monteverdi – Paris – France Visit Review:

Jam session!

This is one of the few restaurants that I have not done since a long time but which is in my list because I have an excellent souvenir there. The attached photos are those of the birthday of Claudio Monteverdi's son. I had the good idea to be the only one to take a camera! It is true that in 2005, mobile phones were not what they are today.So I could keep track of this memorable [...]
Monteverdi Christian Morin

Itinéraires – Closed Visit Review:

Ah zut ! It's closed.

It is often said "as luck would have it". (We all know, however, a few people who probably were not random.) And it was this one that drove me for a lunch to this establishment run by Sarah and Sylvain Sendra, to the nice fame, but whose only the passage nearby decided me to go through the doors. After all, I went to Kitchen Ter (re) two weeks ago. Let's continue to skim. I say that [...]

Bleu de Toi Visit Review:

Restaurant which fortunately closed because it had become a tourist trap. Using an excellent place on TripAdvisor, the bosses have let go to lower quality while keeping prices indecent. The lowered curtain is only [...]