FrogBurger – Paris – France Visit Review: 12

Thanks God there are tourists.

There is no doubt that the products are of excellent quality for a fast-food. The chicken is mellow, delicious, the sauce excellent, the fries medium, a little dry and serving, the beer (50cl, bottle) very good. But a little expensive despite everything. It is true that we are in an ultra tourist area. Even with the menu at 17 euros (with beer), you're really in the top of the range [...]

Bouillon Chartier – Paris – France Visit Review: 10.4

For the fun.

For the setting but certainly not for gastronomy. Anyway, considering the prices and the service, you can not expect wonders. So you will have a nice time with friends, and take it easy. And then the dining room is unique. It is truly a historic place. My grandfather went there student! The waiters are a little boorish? It's enough to know how to handle them, and it's immediately [...]

Auberge Dab – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.6


When you do not know exactly where to go to dinner in Paris, there remains a list of faithful Brasseries that we will often choose according to its geographical location. Auberge Dab covers the Maillot door with its history, its setting and its menu. Classic in every way. We do not come here to be surprised, but to be comforted, with the assurance of the tranquility of the restaurants [...]

Chez Paul – Lyon – France Visit Review: 12.2


Bouchon lyonnais still in its original state. In order to have fun, take the menu Gargantua the evening. Avoid salads that do not have much interest, focus on the sausages or charcuterie and specialities such as bloody pig cheek stew, hot sausage or "tablier de sapeur" (sapper apron, an original lyonnaise recipe), but for fans! Different menus between 15.50 and 27 euros, variables [...]
Chez Paul Lyon

La rôtisserie d’Argent – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.4


Goodness knows I went to this restaurant (formerly Rôtisserie du Beaujolais). But in the meantime, the name has changed. We went from Beaujolais to Argent. The prices have gone up (Argent oblige!), menu has completely changed, lost its traditional dishes (a calf's head sauce gribiche succulent) and has reduced drastically. Then we can appreciate that the menu has inherited dishes [...]

Kirane’s (i) – Paris – France Visit Review:

India in Paris.

Both the decor and the menu, the Kirane's is symbol of authenticity. In a cozy setting, the Gupta family offers Indian specialties. Besides traditional tandori, this restaurant is one of the few to offer Dum cuisine, steamed, in a small pot struggled with a dough bread. The flavors remain captive and exhale at the opening. A delight for the nostrils. The menu also offers you [...]

Fashion Délice Chez Guan – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.8


Obviously this is not "great" gastronomy. But this is definitely a restaurant offering authentic traditional Chinese cuisine, with dishes that have nothing to do with what is found in 99% of Chinese restaurants in the world. The jellyfish salad (if, yes, it is eaten, not divine but original) or the hock of pig with taro are the proof. Traditional also spelling mistakes on the menu [...]

L’Agua – Nice – France Visit Review: 12

The service sinks.

Good fish cuisine, excellent stir-fried shrimps, delicious stuffed capon (the fish, not the chicken) and a excellent salted butter caramel cream. Why a rating so average? First the setting, an uninteresting room with economic light bulbs and therefore a pale light. Then a service that laughter is the best medicine. The boss's girlfriend is nicely and totally incompetent. Apart from [...]

Terres de truffes – Nice – France Visit Review: 12.4

All truffles.

If the starter, a small tureen of crème fraiche, cocoon of truffle and foie gras, covered with a puff pastry is absolutely succulent, the lamb's shoulder cooked eleven hours, is a little disappointing. Not enough fat, too dry, served with a meat broth too salty (reduction too strong, probably), back in the kitchen and income mounted fresh cream to soften. Of course, do not expect fresh [...]

Toritcho – Paris – France Visit Review: 13


Dining room a little bit old but waiters carefull. In two dinners, I have always been honestly received at the bar or in the dining room. The cooking is really Japanese, not the adaptation for tourists. This is not great food but a quite decent step in the neighborhood of Montparnasse where we see often the worst and rarelly the [...]