The Truffle Pig – Steamboat – USA Visit Review: 13.6


I discovered here the french fries strewed with parmesan and scented with white truffle! Obviously, we are in the United States, they are synthetic aromas. Fried squid dish very honest. Beautiful frame. Good [...]

Heck’s at Devil’s Thumb Ranch – Tabernash – USA Visit Review: 13.4


Nice place that makes hotel and restaurant. I only tested the second. The dining room is around a beautiful stone fireplace that rises to the ceiling. Montain wood structure.   A very nice list of very original cocktails. The small beef sandwiches are quite uninteresting but the pig puffs are delicious. A nice place to take a [...]

Steuben’s Food Service – Denver – USA Visit Review: 12.4

Tchernobyl chicken.

Original by the 70's decor, excellent cocktails, very efficient service. Classic with heavy, fatty American food, monstrous portions, a fried chicken whose size you subvert hormones or a short stay in the vicinity of Chernobyl, topped with a mashed potato sandwich (yes, yes, it's possible), a caramel toffee pie. On the other hand an interesting pork tenderloin, mellow and with an [...]

A la vierge de la Réunion – Paris – France Visit Review: 15.4

A canteen where to go.

Contrary to what you could believe, no direct link with the old island of Bourbon in this restaurant. The "réunion" was the assembly of two parisian districts, the Petit and Grand Charonne in 1850. And the proximity of the street of Terre-Neuve does not help the first hypothesis because it is named as well as in 1870 or 1877. Let's abandon these historical considerations to look at [...]

L’Angolo 42 – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.8

Little Italy.

All products are fresh, of excellent quality and well worked. A simple little disappointment for the pizza, without much interest. But the other dishes are worth seeing. Better to book. And even then, there may be waiting. Very friendly [...]

Sobane – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.8


Starters original and very delicate even if a little overdosed in vinegar. There are 5 in the star menu, which are in "discovery" format, small but many. Dishes (grilled duck or grilled beef) quite disappointing compared to the originality of the starters. The rice-noodle-potato mixture is not very harmonious in terms of vegetables. Excellent dessert, Tiramisu with green tea. A [...]

La braise sur l’île du Saussay – Itteville – France Visit Review: 13.6

Restaurant of ember, frozen service

We come here for meats. They are excellent quality and perfectly cooked. There is a pretty good wine list. But the glasses are poorly served. The worst is probably the woman boss who, without being unpleasant, is simply very distant. No smile. I informed her that I had found the restaurant by chance thanks to TripAdvisor. The response expressed as much contempt for this site as a [...]