Le Foch – Reims – France Visit Review: 14,8


Let's start with the worst (but subjective I concede): the decor, as often in high-end restaurants. Probably an architect stuck on an episode of Star Trek or Cosmos 1999, and who thought everyone had forgotten. Impressive luminous stalactites, comfortable but indescribable armchairs, boomerang-look sconces, and indefinable wall slits. Only the orange color comes to save the frame. But [...]

Le Clou – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 11.8

When will end the fall?

Being from Strasbourg, I frequented this establishment. If the setting is true to tradition, the quality of the food is down. Baeckehoffe with a little dry meat. Average potatoes. For dessert, very average white cheese cake, closer to the custard. Good Pinot Noir. The service is always very friendly. With all the sympathy I have for this establishment, it is necessary to give a [...]

Wolfshöhle – Fribourg – Germany Visit Review: 13


The elements are very good qualities, quite well worked, the service is perfect. What is missing? Some associations of tastes. The best dish is undoubtedly the sea bass with a slice of semi-candied melon and salicornia. The sea trout has no interest. Duck is an assemblage of good products but without thought association. Good dessert. Excellent selection of wines with this [...]
Wolfshöhle Ruländer Walz

Wieninger Brau – Prien am Chiemsee – Germany Visit Review: 15

Bavarian Cellar

Restaurant in which there is practically only locals. I had a big Angus steak on stir fried chanterelles with cream and röstis. Huge portion, I could not finish. A meat served bleeding and soft. A delight.   For the ridiculous price of 25 euros the dish. A must to taste local. Service smiling but we do not linger. They are here to work. Which does not mean that we [...]
Wieninger Keller

Parkhotel Wehrle – Triberg – Germany Visit Review: 15

Beautiful restaurant with two rooms, one of red hangings and the other of wooden formwork and old tiled stove. Menu a little bit short, in German only. Local products well worked. A creamy mushroom soup, a creamy dish of cream, a little heavy, but we are in Germany ... A quarter of good German white wine for the price, in Paris, of a glass of wine just right. The staff speaks a little [...]

Il Pescatore – Füssen – Germany Visit Review: 13.8


It was not expected that I eat Italian in Germany but I only had that desire tonight. Good fresh products, a very smiling service. A very honest price. Not even a tourist [...]

Chez Léna et Mimile – Paris – France Visit Review: 12

It kills!

This is the 3rd time (and probably last) I'm going there in 12 years. My impressions have not changed: quality elements worked in a bistro way. Overall an addition 20% too expensive. Obviously, you pay the terrace, peace, the 5th district. We know it. But better to be warned before. The staff and the boss are extremely smiling, kind, considerate. There is a large influx in summer, [...]

Bonjour Viet-Nam – Paris – France Visit Review: 10


The place is small but with a nice summer terrace. The 6 steamed ravioles are excellent, very fine taste, fresh product. On the other hand, the pot of pork and shrimp is disappointing, hence my average rating. Hard meat, small portion, good balance of the sauce between sugar and salt. But compared to the entrance, you are still hungry. Very friendly service. Plus two Saigon beers, [...]

Au bœuf couronné – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.6


Institution which scarcely  needs a presentation. For the record, my grandfather frequented this establishment a few decades ago, not only because we found there the best meat in Paris but also because he regularly took his correspondents of Mossad who wanted do a cure of non-kosher products during their stay in Paris! I admit to having abandoned this place following two [...]
Au boeuf couronné