Terasa u Zlate studne – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 14.6

Not only the view

The place is not easy to find, even with GPS, but the view is worth the effort. I took the tasting menu with wine at 3200 crowns (120 euros) (4200 so far, 160 euros). This is a good choice since almost all dishes are well cooked. Only deer carpaccio lacks taste. Too much topping for too little meat. The different Czech wines that accompany them are very well chosen. My daughter had [...]

Chez Françoise – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.6

Level inversely proportional to the floor.

Title that may seem perverse if you do not know that Chez Françoise restaurant is hidden for more than half a century under the terminal of the Invalides. It was an establishment that I attended regularly during the 90s. I returned there a little less than three years ago without disappointment.It must be said that storing the title of Maître Restaurateur is often time (I know [...]
Chez Françoise Corton-Charlemange Grand Cru Rapet

Mollard – Paris – France Visit Review: 13


Fast lunch and alone for my last visit but my previous in my youth gave me the opportunity to taste my first lobster Thermidor, one of these recipes invented by Auguste Escoffier at the end of this flourishing nineteenth century. Today, I was satisfied with honest snails followed by an excellent tartare. And a real pleasure for the individual Norwegian omelet for dessert. Menu at [...]

Les papilles – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.8

Something artificial

Let's start with the positive: good quality products, fresh, good worked. And recognize that it is still the main thing that is asked at a restaurant. A velouté of cauliflower, a lamb shoulder on carrots and wallnut sized potatoes, Fourme d'Ambert with figs on slate, the pistachio panacotta. And that for a price more than honest at 35 euros. The single menu principle contributes to [...]

Le Pario – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.8


Brazilian inspiration for this restaurant as it is the origins of the chef, Eduardo Jacinto. He worked a long time with Chistian Constant before fending for himself.Good for squid chorizo sauce (15 euros) or Roman salad, ditto for an excellent rabbit pie. A japanese touch more on the last menu with a tataki of beef. All very well worked but it is the least he could, with his [...]
Le Pario

Les petites sorcières (Dum Dum) – Paris – France Visit Review: 10.8

Bull shit.

Is it kind to shoot on an ambulance? Only people completely in love with Ghislaine Arabian can still cense this place which is only the shadow of its former self.First of all the dining room has the disadvantage of being very noisy and a banal decoration. Then a very long wait for the starters. The problem comes from cooking and not from service. The main waiter was fully aware [...]

Louis Vins – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.4


There is a new article in June 2018 about this restaurant. My last visit was at least 3 years ago and it is a house that changes regularly map typology while remaining in a traditional style. At the time really nothing to complain about the quality of the food. Lunch of an excellent cassoulet Bearnais and prunes with Armagnac for dessert. And then there was a calf's head. And then [...]
Louis Vins

Sakagura – New-York – USA Visit Review: 17

Crazy Saké cellar

Restaurant located in a cellar of a New-York building, it is indicated from the street only by a simple and small light panel. The decoration is classic and banal Japanese (but not kitsch plastic). In bulk, I tasted a cold egg in a cold broth with sea urchin coral (Onsen Tamago). A simple appetizer but probably the finest and succulent dish of the evening.Some banal [...]
Sakagura Saké Summer Snow

The Breslin (Dum Dum!) – New-York – USA Visit Review: 10.4

A shame

When I was told at the end of the meal that this restaurant had a Michelin star, I only regretted one thing is not to have returned all dishes in the kitchen, except the dessert. Razor Clams a little overcooked and especially too salty, mushrooms accompanied by a burrata ball on a huge slice of bread without any interest, small curry pie banal and too acidic. The oysters were good. It [...]
Breslin Musar Jeune Liban

Le Millénaire – Reims – France Visit Review: 13.4


Should we stay on the first impression? Eternal insoluble debate. If I had been content with this, it would be the big depression. A dull, dreary setting, as desperate as the Lorraine on a foggy winter morning by minus 7 degrees. I admit that I can not stand these settings "purified", pale, deadly sad that invade the chic restaurants. I do not ask for Mondrian, but stop at morgue [...]