Mitchell’s Restaurant – Clifden – Eire Visit Review: 12

Basic mistakes

Clifden is a chic seaside town that alternates elegant restaurants and pubs. Mitchell’s is in the first category. But the selection of dishes that we could eat obliges the gastronomical chronicler to a great objectivity because one oscillates between good products and big mistakes.


Mitchell's Restaurant Façade

Mitchell’s Restaurant Façade


The setting is quite elegant with especially a well decorated first floor room. Idoine for a romantic dinner except when you have a table of ten local people who communicate their joy for one hour 2.5 meters far from you .


Mitchell's Restaurant Décor

Mitchell’s Restaurant Décor


Mitchell's Restaurant Sculpture

Mitchell’s Restaurant Sculpture



The smoked salmon from Connemara is very good. The tempura shrimp on it were not obligatory, a good smoked salmon is self-sufficient. The salad is a little messy. A little whipped cream with spring onions or other grass would not be too much.


Mitchell's Restaurant Saumon fumé

Mitchell’s Restaurant Saumon fumé


Hot oysters are a dish that has a little disappeared in recent years while they allow an imaginativity of interesting seasoning. In this case black pepper, cream and parmesan. The idea is good but Parmesan is too generously sprinkled. A thin film would be better for the delicacy of the oyster.


Mitchell's Restaurant Huîtres chaudes

Mitchell’s Restaurant Huîtres chaudes


The plate of the sea is excellent, very good fresh products but a little expensive at 26 euros for local products and with quite a few preparations.


Mitchell's Restaurant Assiette de la mer

Mitchell’s Restaurant Assiette de la mer


The disappointment will come from the scallops. They are not bad in themselves but poorly prepared.

The coral is still attached to the nut, so that we still have the small lateral muscle and the circular band that binds together. In addition, coral is rarely served with pan-fried nut of the scallop. In general, it is used to make a sauce. The whole cooking gives a floury texture that ruins the whole dish.

Both trimming and cooking are really two basic mistakes of cooking.


Mitchell's Restaurant Saint-Jacques

Mitchell’s Restaurant Saint-Jacques


The dessert is quite commonplace. It is sold with a name “ganache” which looks nice on the menu but is only a hot chocolate sauce. Three lines of dessert description for a nice pudding …


Mitchell's Restaurant Pudding

Mitchell’s Restaurant Pudding


Nice white spanish wine served on all this even though served really too cold.


Mitchell's Restaurant Vin

Mitchell’s Restaurant Vin


It is a pretty good restaurant but for which the bill is still too strong by 20%. We would expect less errors for 112.80 euros for 2.


Mitchell's Addition

Mitchell’s Addition

Date of the visite: 2018 June
Produits de la mer

Mitchell's Restaurant Huîtres chaudes

Tel: 00 353 95 21867
Addrese: Market St, Clifden, Co. Galway, Irlande

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