Meiselocker – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 12.8

The chirping of the tit

Small restaurant traditional style since it has been open for a few years only. It belongs to the same owner as the 1741, Michelin starred restaurant, which provided me with two mixed experiences. You will also find it on this blog.

The Meiselocker is a tit lover. We exchanged his statue with the Munich against the VaterRhein after the war. Obviously, I’m talking about the Great War and not the Munichers of 38.

Good job. Classic. Alsatian specialties. Foie gras honest. Good sauerkraut. Knuckle of ham idem.

Meiselocker Foie gras

Meiselocker Foie gras

Only the cake we call “beggar” in french is a true “choking Christian”. To avoid. Remember the name of my blog. If I stall, there is a reason!

It’s a shame to have the huge VMC pipe running through the ceiling of the room.

A little more effort and we will go from chirping of the tit to true singing.

Date of the visite: 2016 April
Alsace-Lorraine ,Collège culinaire de France ,Maître-Restaurateur ,Traditional
Meiselocker Foie gras

Tel: 00 33 3 88 22 30 00
Addrese: 39 Rue des Frères, 67000 Strasbourg

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