L’Européen – Paris – France

A traditional Parisian Brasserie of which main originality lies in its interior architecture, the work of Slavik the decorator (Publicis drugstore, but also the Jules Verne until its renovation.)

Disadvantage of the advantage, this restaurant is located just in front of the railway station of gare de Lyon, so extremely convenient to have a drink or a meal before your train or set a work appointment between trips but the service is sometimes a little expeditious and sometimes you seem to be more a number than a customer.

Menu is ultra classic with just a question mark on “Saverne sauerkraut.” Being myself an alsacian, I do not know the specificity of it, and although I explored the internet, I did not found special recipes from this good city, probably a name for trying to distinguish itself from other Brasseries.

So, what do you think ?

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