L’Epigramme – Paris – France Visit Review: 15

Unknown and stupid marquise...

- Manisha

No lamb à la carte because the epigram (female) is not just a satire. The word (male) comes from a cloddish marquise asking her cook to prepare the same epigrams that her guests would have enjoyed at the Count of Vaudreuil’s the day before. The poor cook Michelet will stay in History because, not knowing what to do, he braised lamb breast with chops. The “Epigrams of lamb à la Michelet” were born.


L'Epigramme Décor

L’Epigramme Décor



So no lamb à la carte from this restaurant with a more uncomplicated cuisine than it seems but resolutely opted for a rigorous selection of products. Thus it is a black garlic emulsion that accompanies the now-classic perfect egg cooked at 64°. The whole thing is to be enjoyed quickly and well, even if I haven’t found on the yellow that unique taste that I love. Maybe a chicken stingy in organoleptic qualities.


L'Epigramme Oeuf 64°

L’Epigramme Oeuf 64°


The beef cheek is however notable by a quick passage under the oven grill just before the service. It is an excellent idea because it gives it a crunchy texture on the surface that goes very well with the softness of the flesh.


L'Epigramme Joue de boeuf

L’Epigramme Joue de boeuf


The rum baba is perfect, delicious savarin paste. We will regret a classic mistake which is to put the whipped cream with the liquid in the bowl. Already that it quickly disintegrates in a liquid, with the addition of alcohol, it melts more quickly! The dish no longer becomes presentable. It is something that can be easily solved.


L'Epigramme Baba au rhum

L’Epigramme Baba au rhum


L'Epigramme Dilution crème

L’Epigramme Dilution crème



Bill of 48 euros for one person.

Date of the visite: 2019 July

L'Epigramme Oeuf 64°

Tel: 00 33 1 44 41 00 09
Website: https://www.lepigrammeparis.fr/
Addrese: 9 Rue de l'Éperon, 75006 Paris

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