L’effet Bœuf – Les Arcs 1800 – France

Information before all my comments on the restaurants of ski resorts: I take less care of the fact that they are a little more expensive than the average” “in plain.” Several reasons: the routing is more expensive, they pay off on a shorter season and they have a captive clientele so I do not think it’s smart to complain about the rates when you go to such restaurants (when the quality is there).

The current name is L’effet Boeuf. The previous was Le petit resto.

Restaurant with very nice boss even if a little “speed”. We feel him involved in his job but he speaks so fast that sometimes you need a decoder.

You go there especially for meats that are superb with a real cooking “blue” as we say in France. And the price is not even prohibitive for the quality of products.

Beautiful wine list where the beautiful part is made wines of Languedoc, region of origin of the boss.

The foie gras in pot is really worth the trip, very tasty.

So, what do you think ?

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