Le Réservoir (Dum Dum!)- Paris – France Visit Review: 10.6

Some reserve.

If I go to this establishment, it is mainly to go to concerts of the group “Les cochons dans l’espace” (Pigs in space). Rock, real and with a lot of humor.

But the table is now more of a drum machine than musical genius. If there is still a year, we felt that the kitchen were working a little, today, we are in the industrial kitchen simply warmed, sometimes cooked (phew!) and assembled.

The plate of Italian cold meats is uninteresting.

Le Réservoir Assiette charcuteries italiennes

Le Réservoir Assiette de charcuterie italienne


Fresh pasta with ceps has a cream “truffle” (aroma synthesis) too excess, probably to hide the lack of taste of mushrooms.

Le Réservoir Ravioles aux cèpes et crème "truffée"

Le Réservoir Ravioles aux cèpes et crème “truffée”


Four prawns fight on a mound of tabbouleh and vegetables. The name “virgin sauce” is very pretty but do not forget that it is one of the easiest to do. If it is done on the spot.

Le Réservoir Gambas à la plancha 2

Le Réservoir Gambas à la plancha


Thai salad has no presentation. I let you imagine the making of salmon sauce from the picture. The baked apple is vile. The lost brioche is the hidden sister of SpongeBob.

Why so much hate? Because before it was better for less. And that rates have wildly increased with correlatively a quality that runs away. So I groan. Obviously, for that price, we have a concert more. But that’s not a reason. This establishment has been able to provide a proper seating for years. I only want that to continue.

Check of 250 euros to 5, for only 3 starters, 3 courses, 2 bottles of wine and a carafe of margherita.

Date of the visite: 2017 October
Concert ,Dum Dum
Le Réservoir Carafe Margherita

Tel: 00 33 1 43 56 39 60
Website: http://www.reservoirclub.com
Addrese: 16 rue de la Forge Royale, 75011 Paris, France

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