Le Parc Les Crayères – Reims – France Visit Review: 14.8

I'll come one again

- Philippe Mille

Having done almost all the Michelin-starred restaurants of Reims, I say I still have a lot of experience, but I admit to be very annoyed about this establishment because even by rereading my first impressions of the time, I still can not define which caused me problems.

There was a hint of general disharmony that had left our table of three with a slight sense of indefinable dissatisfaction. And yet we agreed on the quality of the products, the cooking methods, etc.

Perhaps a service lacking a bit of usability remains us aloof.

I’m sorry to leave you hungry with this article, but I think it’s also part of the honesty of the food columnist to recognize his inability to write something.

I could make you a long blah as long as month of Sundays to dilute an experience not missed but having a feeling of unfinished. We are not going to epilogue.

Like T-800, I’ll be back!

Date of the visite: 2015 August
Alsace-Lorraine ,Michelin Stars ,MOF

Tel: 00 33 3 26 24 90 00
Website: http://www.lescrayeres.com
Addrese: 64 Boulevard Henry Vasnier, 51100 Reims

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