Le Off (Dum Dum!) – Pointe aux Canonniers – Mauritius Visit Review: 11


Dum Dum

It’s really the war we want to declare to this kind of establishment that is cheating on you with their website. Have a look and admire the sublime photos. And choose somewhere else.

The owner has used a professional (very competent) photographer to get these images that make you dream. And when you go through the gate, you think that you are at a wrong address.

Here you have a comparison of a picture on the website and one I made! And line was corrected by Photos!

Dark lighting, shimmering colors have disappeared, the colorful armchairs took the midnight expess, the bright balls of the pool sank. And since it is far from all the other restaurants in the area, you say: I take the car to find something else or I try? Be brave, go away!

To be quite frank, the cuisine is quite adequate, especially the carpaccio of Saint-Jacques.

Le Off Carpaccio de Saint-Jacques

Le Off                                      Carpaccio de Saint-Jacques

Le Off Carpaccio de poisson

Le Off                                                                                     Carpaccio de poisson

Le Off Takati de thon et Nouilles Soba

Le Off                                                                 Takati de thon et Nouilles Soba

Le Off Chourros

Le Off                                                                                                             Chourros

What is fine is that you sit in a large personal space in front of the pool, an unthinkable surface in a classic restaurant. But that does not save the starting lie. I hate being taken for a sucker.

The Off? F… off!

Bill of 88 euros for 2.

Le Off Addition

Le Off                                                              Addition

Date of the visite: 2017 August
Dum Dum ,Mauritius ,Terrace
Le Off Takati de thon et Nouilles Soba

Tel: 00 231 2636357
Website: http://www.le-off.mu
Addrese: Royal Road Pointe aux Canonniers

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