Le Lys d’Or (i)- Paris – France Visit Review: 16,2

The lily always in bloom

From how many years of existence can a restaurant be considered as an institution? After 30 years, Le Lys d’Or could easily claim this distinction.


Le Lys d'Or Table

Le Lys d’Or Table


And without resting on its laurels. Indeed, without abandoning its gastronomic quality, Ms. Chen has transformed, with the effective collaboration of Manuel Mariani, her menu to focus on two culinary poles: the hotplate and the traditional cast iron casserole.

Between quick and slow cooking, the dishes alternate traditional recipes and original creations. Thus the 7 treasures of the lotus flower mix scallops, melting shrimps, crunchy vegetables and cashew nuts.


Le Lys d'Or Les 7 trésors de la fleur de lotus

Le Lys d’Or Les 7 trésors de la fleur de lotus


 Classic frying pan will give you a general overview of sesame shrimp, spring rolls or fish fritters.


Le Lys d'Or Assortiment hors d'oeuvres

Le Lys d’Or Assortiment hors d’oeuvres


The equally traditional assortment of vapors will complement the appetizers with delicacy.


Le Lys d'Or Assortiment vapeurs

Le Lys d’Or Assortiment vapeurs


But let’s go in the heart of the subject with especially a great use of scallops, fragile product that must never exceed the prescribed cooking, at the risk of to end as a tire! And here, whether with vegetables or rice, nothing to complain about, the pieces are melting, with this unparalleled delicate taste.


Le Lys d'Or Marmite Saint-Jacques

Le Lys d’Or Marmite Saint-Jacques


Le Lys d'Or Saint-Jacques

Le Lys d’Or Saint-Jacques


Here is the duck that will be tested in hotplate. Classical and with pleasure again.


Le Lys d'Or Canard

Le Lys d’Or Canard


Le Lys d'Or Dessert

Le Lys d’Or Dessert


Far from the Chinese canteens of the 80s, having managed the turn of modernity without losing its soul, Le Lys d’Or retains a decor “ancient way” and authentic cooking.





Since the date is approaching, Le Lys d’Or offers a special menu for Mother’s Day at 29 euros, cocktail and gift offered for them, a good opportunity to discover (or rediscover) the place with the family.


Date of the visite: 1970 January
Asiatique ,Chinois
Le Lys d'Or Marmite Saint-Jacques

Tel: 00 33 1 44 68 98 88
Website: http://www.lysdor.com/
Addrese: 2 Rue de Chaligny, 75012 Paris

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