Le Cheval rouge – Sainte-Menehould – France Visit Review: 13


Inescapable stop of my childhood: Sainte-Menehould and the Cheval rouge.

If its weekly closures allowed me to discover the restaurant A mon idée, in the same city, this is not a reason to forget this place.

In 2011, I managed to feed my Australian co-driver the famous pig’s foot, so that at 60 years old, he could return to his island continent with an additional discovery.

You have two parts, a Brasserie (very basic) in front and the restaurant more elegant back. Your choice will depend on the time you want to spend and the atmosphere.

It is a province menu all that is traditional, so without risk.

Date of the visite: 2011 July

Tel: 00 33 3 26 60 81 04
Website: https://www.logishotels.com/fr/restaurant/hotel-le-cheval-rouge-2143
Addrese: 1 Rue Chanzy, 51800 Sainte-Menehould

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