L’ardoise – Argent sur Sauldre – France Visit Review: 13,2

Gribiche at nuts. Not nuts !

In Sologne, the calf’s head is one of the essential of many restaurants. Then everyone has to find originality of preparation.


L'ardoise Amuse-bouche

L’ardoise Amuse-bouche

At L’ardoise, it is in the form of a breaded crunch. As can be seen in the picture, breadcrumbs could have undergone 2/3 minutes of cooking less but the taste was not altered and remained interesting.

L'ardoise Croustillant de tête de veau gribiche noix

L’ardoise Croustillant Calf’s head gribiche nuts

If the accompanying potato potatoes were nice, the blue Bergerac deserved to be a little more fried or could have been mashed.

The originality came from a beautiful Gribiche sauce partly mounted with walnut oil which gave an excellent flavor. I regularly make emulsified sauces with different products (morel oil or blackcurrant mustard for example) and I keep the idea for a Gribiche.

The other dish of the lunch was a fillet of cod with asian touch, broth with ginger and fennel. There is also a well balanced mixture of tastes. Well cooked fish.

L'ardoise Filet de cabillaud bouillon gingembre citronelle

L’ardoise Fillet of cod stock ginger citronella

The foie gras lacked a bit of power and was a bit sticky to the palate.

L'ardoise Foie gras

L’ardoise Foie gras

The pumpkin cappuccino was good but the mushroom fungus was too liquid. The blend probably not cold enough when exit the siphon.

L'ardoise Velouté cappucino potiron espuma champignon

L’ardoise Velouté cappucino pumpkin espuma mushroom

Original dessert with a velvety parsnip. Good taste but a little floury texture. A little more mixer and a passage in strainer stamen would have solved this problem. But it is more job, I know.

L'ardoise Velouté de panais vanille Granny Smith

L’ardoise Velouté de panais vanilla Granny Smith

Progress on cleanliness: a glass on the table should never have been there and the jug of water deserves a good shot of coarse salt / white vinegar. Sorry but one less point; it’s part of the basics.

L'ardoise Carafe d'eau méritant un nettoyage

L’ardoise Carafe of water deserving cleaning


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Date of the visite: 2017 December

L'ardoise Croustillant de tête de veau gribiche noix

Tel: 00 33 9 86 72 59 99
Website: https://www.facebook.com/alardoise.argent/
Addrese: 1 rue nationale 18410 Argent-sur-Sauldre

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