L’archipel des saveurs – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 8.8

No more talk, we shoot.

Dum DumStill in the series “hotel restaurants that have a very light lunch card”, I introduce our champion.

The setting impress a maximum even if one feels that the straw huts begin to be a little old.

The water of the pool where the tables stay is charming but too stagnant. Mosquitoes are crazy, customers are less. The pool is an ice cube.

The bartender is a long (long, long, long time …) coming to take a cocktail order. In the end, I went to the front desk to get him fetched.

The vindaye of ourite does not have much taste except the vinaigrette, the rougaille of sausage is commonplace, the broth of the lentils is tasteless because too diluted, the carpaccio of marlin is presented as in a canteen, the rice has no taste which is unacceptable when you see the diversity of rices existing in local supermarkets.

L'Archipel des Saveurs Vindaye Ourites

L’Archipel des Saveurs                       Vindaye d’Ourites


L'Archipel des Saveurs Rougaille saucisses

L’Archipel des Saveurs                                                Rougaille de saucisses


L'Archipel des Saveurs Carpaccio Marlin fumé ananas

L’Archipel des Saveurs Carpaccio Marlin fumé ananas

Only the poke bowl saves honor.

L'Archipel des Saveurs Poke Bowl

L’Archipel des Saveurs                                      Poke Bowl

The waiter fling the wine capsule into the bucket.

It seems that the evening menu is better. But considering the test, I do not want to convert the essai.

What remains? A spa quality but not managed live. It is subcontracted to the excellent franchise Spa 5 Worlds.

Check of 69 euros for 2.

L'Archipel des saveurs Addition

L’Archipel des saveurs        Check

Date of the visite: 2017 August
Dum Dum ,Mauritius ,Terrace
L'Archipel des Saveurs Poke Bowl

Tel: 00 230 263 0171
Website: http://www.evaco-alizees.com/fr/archipel-des-saveurs
Addrese: Domaine des Alizées - Chemin 20 Pieds, Grand Baie, Île Maurice

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