L’Angélus du canal (i) – Paris – France Visit Review: 15,6

Gloria for the Angélus

After many and successful Singaporean pilgrimages, Gabriel de Balasy and Philippe Hoyez return to the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin for a successful bistronomic come-back.


L'Angélus du Canal Façade

L’Angélus du Canal Façade


L'Angélus du Canal Table

L’Angélus du Canal Table



Nice and wide choice of appetizers that do not exceed 10 euros (except for scallops and foie gras, normal!), juggling between the french regions, with the snails of Burgundy, socca from Nice or Provence with artichokes “barigoule”.


L'Angélus du Canal Ardoise

L’Angélus du Canal Ardoise


But it is the asparagus that I tested with an original declination as they are proposed first in section (fairly classic) but also in very thin strips marinated with lemon. We bounce well on the Hollandaise sauce that embellishes everything.


L'Angélus du Canal Asperges blanches

L’Angélus du Canal Asperges blanches


The snails are individually pot covered with a fine toasted bread crumbs.


L'Angélus du Canal escargots de Bourgogne

L’Angélus du Canal escargots de Bourgogne


It is more in the dishes that one feels an Asian influence of the Singaporean restaurant with the Kampot pepper that perfumes the pad of rump steak or the shitake risotto with herbal juice.

But my choice felt on an astonishing risotto of sweetbreads. Difficult mix because two “fat” products, one in its texture, the other in its mode of cooking, completed with cream. But the whole is harmonious, without heaviness. We can simply regret a slight over-cooking of the rice. Not the chef’s incompetence, but the obligation to adapt to a clientele who does not know how to eat a real risotto, with a crunchy heart. Do not hesitate to say that you are a true amateur and that you want your rice just cooked, the kitchen will make your day …


L'Angélus du Canal Risotto de ris de veau

L’Angélus du Canal Risotto de ris de veau


Very classic scallops with just cooked vegetables. We succeed them or not. There, it’s perfect.


L'Angélus du Canal Saint-Jacques

L’Angélus du Canal Saint-Jacques


How do we recognize a restaurant? To the ability to offer desserts made “to order” and commanded at the beginning of the meal. In this case, a “Famous Paris-Brest” is worth the detour. Excellent crème mousseline praliné, puff pastry was crunchy, not at all this soft symptomatic products made too long in advance and which moisten in the fridge. A beautiful thing!


L'Angélus du Canal Paris-Brest

L’Angélus du Canal Paris-Brest


L'Angélus du Canal Salade de fruits

L’Angélus du Canal Salade de fruits


To all this is added a pleasant terrace in summer, a quiet street, a shop nearby that will serve a few glasses “in the meantime”, a good service.

Our owners are good drinkers so more than efficient wine choices.


L'Angélus du Canal Vin

L’Angélus du Canal Vin


L'Angélus du Canal Bar

L’Angélus du Canal Bar


So a nice table to discover near the Canal Saint-Martin.


Date of the visite: 2019 April
Terrace ,Traditional

Tel: 00 33 1 42 38 00 13
Website: https://www.langelusducanal.fr/
Addrese: 12 Avenue Richerand, 75010 Paris

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