L’Agua – Nice – France Visit Review: 12

The service sinks.

Good fish cuisine, excellent stir-fried shrimps, delicious stuffed capon (the fish, not the chicken) and a excellent salted butter caramel cream.

Why a rating so average?

First the setting, an uninteresting room with economic light bulbs and therefore a pale light.

Then a service that laughter is the best medicine. The boss’s girlfriend is nicely and totally incompetent. Apart from its excellent memory for desserts. She knows nothing about service, does not know how to do it.

The boss, meanwhile, favors tables of regulars clients with whom he has big conversation. To the detriment of others.

Rest the second waitress trying to save the job.

I was ready to take another dessert as I found it good. I gave up. Same thing for a digestive that can not be found.

Having a good base and a good chef to ruin the service is a shame.

Date of the visite: 2013 August
Products of the sea ,Provence-Côte d'Azur

Tel: 00 33 4 97 19 08 15
Addrese: 41 boulevard Stalingrad, 06300 Nice, France

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