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Beau plateau

I will take the risk of getting angry with 99% of the restaurants in Mauritius but we will discuss the subject of lobster, fresh and local. You must know that you will very rarely get fresh and that it can often not be Mauritian. This concerns all restaurants in Mauritius, not specifically “La vieille rouge”. Only the restaurants of luxury hotels, for reasons of price and supply chain, will be able to guarantee you a lobster 100% fresh and Mauritian. The best way is always to demand to see it alive before the service. I wish you good luck !

La vieille rouge is one of the traditional place of Grand Baie. We do not go for the setting like many “small” Mauritian restaurants but for fish and shellfish.

La vieille rouge Table

La vieille rouge Table


The plateau of the sea is the flagship dish of this restaurant.

Knowing that shells are absent on the island (except mussels), contrary to our French habits.

It is well loaded with a beautiful lobster and all the products listed on the map. It was a little too much cooked but it does not spoil the dish.


La vieille rouge Plateau de la merLa vieille rouge Plateau de la mer


The christophine gratin with crabmeat is made with a very well seasoned béchamel base. The dish really tastes without being too heavy.


La vieille rouge Gratin de christophine à la chair de crabe

La vieille rouge Gratin de christophine à la chair de crabe

Grilled pineapple does not honor the rest of the menu. The three pucks that are fighting together still have their hearts hard. It was a small pineapple from which a rather ridiculous diameter and little flesh to eat. Buckling is mostly an industrial vanilla caramel can be diluted with a few drops of rum.

La vieille rouge Ananas flambé

La vieille rouge Ananas flambé

The service is very friendly, smiling and considerate.

It is therefore a nice little stop that can be made in this establishment to eat well worked products.

Bill of 120 euros for 2, with 4 glasses of white wine. This may seem expensive compared to other similar restaurants but the seafood platter is really well stocked.

Date of the visite: 2018 July
Maurice ,Mauritius ,Products of the sea ,Produits de la mer ,Terrace

La vieille rouge Plateau de la mer

Tel: 00 230 575 22591
Addrese: Route de la Salette, Grand Baie

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