La Grande Cascade – Paris – France

The nineteenth century left us a large number of buildings that give Paris its invaluable charm. The Pavillon de la Grande Cascade is part of this heritage of the Second Empire.

Under a high pitched ceiling or on the outdoor tables from the spring, Frederic Robert offers his gastronomic cuisine. Choice of the tasting menu at 192 euros. Very nice suite of very well worked products.

La Grande Cascade Carte

La Grande Cascade Carte

However, the sauce accompanying the macaroni with foie gras was a little salty because too reduced and the celeriac had disappeared between the menu and my plate. But the rest is really good. The crab jelly is very tasty (maybe a little too much for those who prefer evanescent tastes). Turbot very well cooked. Rack of lamb sublime.

Superb dessert with Alpille strawberry.

Excellent choice of wines by the sommelier.

Very friendly and smiling service.

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