La chaumière Masala – Ile aux Cerfs – Mauritius Visit Review: 11.4

Fo the view

The situation of the restaurants on the Ile aux Cerfs seems a little complicated. To put it simply, the Touesrock dealership stopped, so the Paul and Virgine restaurant became Sands Grill. The new manager also owns The Masala Chaumiere. I went to both.

La Chaumière Masala is an original restaurant, set on the hillside with tables on high ceilings. We have a view of the bay and the wharf.

La Chaumière Masala Vue

La chaumière Masala                                                                                      Vue


La Chaumière Masala Tables

La chaumière Masala                                                                              Tables

It’s nice except when big catamarans are parked waiting for their clients and put their sound system very loud. The captains think that they are cool people and it allows them to f… all the world!!! We must kindly send the servers ask to lower the volume.

They seem to be used about this problem…

The cuisine is Indian and without originality.

La Chaumière Masala Nan

La Chaumière Masala                                                     Nan


La Chaumière Masala Curry d'ourites

La Chaumière Masala                              Curry d’ourites


Flambéed bananas are a shame…

La Chaumière Masala Bananes flambées

La Chaumière Masala                         Bananes flambées

The Sands Grill is more interesting. Bill of 34 euros for 2.

Date of the visite: 2017 August
Exceptional view ,Indian ,Mauritius ,Terrace
La Chaumière Masala Vue

Tel: 00 230 402 7720
Addrese: Ile aux Cerfs Leisure Island, Trou d'Eau Douce, Maurice

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