La braise sur l’île du Saussay – Itteville – France Visit Review: 13.6

Restaurant of ember, frozen service

We come here for meats. They are excellent quality and perfectly cooked. There is a pretty good wine list. But the glasses are poorly served.

The worst is probably the woman boss who, without being unpleasant, is simply very distant. No smile.

I informed her that I had found the restaurant by chance thanks to TripAdvisor. The response expressed as much contempt for this site as a great commiseration towards me that misled me.

It is likely that they live primarily with a local clientele but this is not a reason to scorn passers-by.

Meat being perfect, I have to be honest about the fact that the plate counts first.

Date of the visite: 2014 February
Meat ,TripAdvisor

Tel: 00 33 1 64 98 41 44
Addrese: 14 route de Ballancourt, 91760 Itteville, France

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