Hong Kong Palace (Dum Dum!) – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 8.6

Running gag...

Dum Dum

This restaurant is rather a huge canteen located on the 1st floor of the Grand Bay Super U.

You are greeted at the exit of the lift by a photo of our previous french President Jacques Chirac who had to spend there one evening he did not want to glare at each other with his wife.

This is what we would call a “gag-restaurant”. First of all, the waitress kindly offers us two drinks. Friendly. Except that the white wine is maderized and that it feels despite the crème de cassis.

Hong Kong Palace Le fameux Kir!

Hong Kong Palace                               Le fameux Kir!


Then she came back saying that she made a mistake and that the Kirs were not for us. She wants to take them back! “Given is given!” Further, we started them. But she came back 3 minutes later informing us that they will be billed! “Just take a look at this mug, Baby!!! It won’t do it.” Phew, we are saved, the boss gives us free, we will not have to do the dishes.

To be honest, note that the waitresses are very kind but the atmosphere is quite painful with the management. One clearly feels a mortifying behavior towards each other. We won’t dog on them.

Glutamate restaurant as there are thousands around the world. Go your way. Unless you want to see the photo of the Great Jacques …

Hong Kong Palace Vapeurs

Hong Kong Palace                                            Vapeurs


Hong Kong Palace Riz

Hong Kong Palace                                                      Riz


Hong Kong Palace Poulet frit

Hong Kong Palace                                        Poulet frit


Hong Kong Palace Crevettes

Hong Kong Palace                                                                          Crevettes


Hong Kong Palace Calamars sautés

Hong Kong Palace                            Calamars sautés

Check of 52 euros for 2.

Hong Kong Palace Addition

Hong Kong Palace Check

Date of the visite: 2017 August
Chinese ,Mauritius
Hong Kong Palace Le fameux Kir!

Tel: 00 230 263 2378
Website: http://hongkongpalace.mu
Addrese: Super U Grand Baie, Maurice

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