Hiney’s – Crossmolina – Eire Visit Review: 8,2

A culinary abyss

Is there an abyss of Irish cuisine? If so, it is probably located in Crossmolina where the Hiney’s includes what is worse in the accomplished amateurism.


Hiney's Salle

Hiney’s Salle


And yet what’s more charming than a small Irish pub with some alcoholic old men idle in the middle of the day, an aquarium hanging at 2 meters, an invalid anesthetizing his pain with Guinness?


Hiney's Bar

Hiney’s Bar


Hiney's Aquarium

Hiney’s Aquarium


You could hope for a gargantuan gargoyle with garlic-fried mushrooms, an exciting “boiled bacon with parsley sauce” or a salmon of the day.

The mushrooms are elastic. Perfect for a Jokari (a french game with an elastic ball).


Hiney's Champignons frits

Hiney’s Champignons frits


The bacon is dry to compete with a saharan sand cake. It is covered with a strange sauce …


Hiney's Porc

Hiney’s Porc


Salmon never stopped cooking.


Hiney's Saumon

Hiney’s Saumon


As we are in Ireland, cabbage and potatoes are the key guests on your plate. The carrot comes to give a hint of color. But no more because absolutely not salty during cooking. A unique blandness!

Dessert is a disaster both visual and taste.


Hiney's Dessert

Hiney’s Dessert


Why so much hate? Because it’s not that complicated to simmer the pork nicely instead of boiling it up, because it’s the basis of the kitchen to watch his clock for fish, because the salt is not our enemy, because even with my CAP (NVQ), I did not get out of Jupiter’s thigh, but I would be able to do better than that.

You will tell me it’s not expensive. But is this a good reason?

The rating is not catastrophic because the service was nice and the setting too. The aquarium on the ceiling saves the day!

Bill of 42.95 euros for 2.


Hiney's Addition

Hiney’s Bill

Date of the visite: 2018 June

Hiney's Aquarium

Tel: 00 353 96 31202
Addrese: Main St, Crossmolina, Co. Mayo, Irlande

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