H Kitchen – Paris – France Visit Review: 11,4

Not for the setting !

- Hidenori Kitaguchi

The least we can say is that you don’t come here for the setting.

Japanese people have generally accustomed us to much better. It’s not that it’s ugly, it’s not that it’s extravagant, but there is nothing! It is no longer Japanese sobriety, it is as warm as a Siberian storm swooping on Hokkaido an evening of November.

Tables, chairs, a touch of paint to renovate, white and brown, not even a nice deal, and you got it, Babe! And the cherry on the cake, a disastrous lighting.

H Kitchen Comptoir

H Kitchen Comptoir

And it’s not the few pictures on the wall, aligned as if on parade, that will brighten the space. As for those posted on the website, we are still dealing with excellent computer processing of images …

The disaster continue with the menu. The lacking dishes are scratched with pencil. They adapt with other dishes at the margin. We hope that the plate will be a little less messy and better decorated.

We start with a very simple omelet with smoked duck breast. Well done and especially well presented. We feel the knack for turning the pan on the plate. Those who (really) know how to make omelettes will understand. A little chopped chives, a drizzle of cream, it’s done!

H Kitchen Omelette magret de canard

H Kitchen Omelette magret de canard


The crispy pork tenderloin is perfect. A beautiful tenderness, a crispy thin and not peeling off the flesh, quality vegetables and cooked well. And above all, the quantity. See the picture. I know many restaurants that would have made two plates with the same piece of meat!


H Kitchen Filet mignon de porc croustillant

H Kitchen Filet mignon de porc croustillant


Sugar is less the chef’s specialty. The balance of citrus is average. Be careful with the name mousseline sauce. This is not a mousseline cream that is served to you. It’s a “foam”. So more concretely a whipped cream. Sweet. So overall a whipped cream. But mousseline, it’s less fat psychologically.


H Kitchen Dessert agrumes

H Kitchen Dessert agrumes


I’m sure that the designers of the champagne house Philipponnat had not thought of a new use of their beautiful ovoid buckets …


H Kitchen Panier Philipponnat

H Kitchen Panier Philipponnat

An unbeatable quality / quantity / price ratio for the lunch menu. For the evening, I have no doubt that it must be excellent too. But there is no more menu, it is a little more expensive.

I do not know if I will test because of the frame. When I go out at night, it’s at least to have a decor and a mood a little joyful.

I take off two points. I know that’s a lot but I’m following my rules. So a “real” rating of 13.4

– clean but unique toilet and not Handicap;

-a menu that hardly deserves this name. Full of erasures, mistakes. Today, with all the means available, I think we can avoid such a result.

Check of 35 euros for 1.

H Kitchen Addition

H Kitchen Check




Date of the visite: 2018 January
Tendance ,Trendy
H Kitchen Filet mignon de porc croustillant

Tel: 00 33 1 45 66 51 57
Website: http://www.hkitchen.fr
Addrese: 18 Rue Mayet, 75006 Paris

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