Greuze – Tournus – France Visit Review: 12.4


- Yohann Chapuis

Restaurant that left you on unsatisfied because quite uneven.

First of all, the modern room is really awful. It’s like being in a morgue. Improbable lamp decorate the walls, everything is gray, no character. This is modern and will probably be completely out of date in a few years. But this is obviously quite personal.



The card is a disconcerting presentation, with only menus, five in all, in which it is possible to take “à la carte”. And of course, if a menu suits you “almost”, you can not change one of the dishes, even with extra charge, you have to take “à la carte”.. You did not understand? Neither do I.

The meat pie: good work, soft even if compact enough, very good elements.

The trilogy of veal: honest even if the portions are really small. However the loin of veal was really salty (two identical opinions). It probably absorbed the salt from her cooking environment.

Very good soufflé Grand Marnier.

What was odd is the multiplicity of appetizers and sweets that were overall quite disappointing, a shell ink dry but pierced to stuff it and flowing when you take it, a tart coconut passion saturated because the coconut powder had been roasted, a piece of meat too peppery, a bar of shortbread and white chocolate without interest, the others in keeping. Only the snail crosti was irreproachable.

Of course, these products “more” are not part of the check, but are significant of a certain amateurism in terms of research, alliances of taste.

Service very smiling. An excellent sommelier.

Given the pretension of the menu and the final check, I think that, the day of my passage, the level for its Michelin star is borderline.

Date of the visite: 2015 September
Burgundy ,Collège culinaire de France ,Maître-Restaurateur ,Michelin Stars

Tel: 00 33 3 85 51 13 52
Addrese: 1 rue Albert Thibaudet, 71700, Tournus, France

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