Frédéric Doucet La Poste – Charolles – France Visit Review: 15

To do again for check.

- Frédéric Doucet

Nice place with a nice map oriented meat of course.

But I write this words more than 3 weeks after my visit and I admit that I do not keep an unforgettable memory! Unlike many other restaurants I visit, I have already forgotten my dishes!

Except a sweetbread that had been a little too poached before it went to the pan. And a steak very well cooked.

Soufflé classic for dessert.

Date of the visite: 2015 July
Burgundy ,Collège culinaire de France ,Michelin Stars ,Terrace

Tel: 00 33 3 85 24 11 32
Addrese: 2 Avenue de la Libération, 71120 Charolles

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