Fashion Délice Chez Guan – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.8


Obviously this is not “great” gastronomy. But this is definitely a restaurant offering authentic traditional Chinese cuisine, with dishes that have nothing to do with what is found in 99% of Chinese restaurants in the world.

The jellyfish salad (if, yes, it is eaten, not divine but original) or the hock of pig with taro are the proof.

Traditional also spelling mistakes on the menu …

In addition, the service is nice and the place. So no reason not to stop there.

It should have a better note but, according with my rules, too many spelling mistakes, and, even if clean, not separated and Handicap toilets. So 2 points less. Real note is 13.8.

Date of the visite: 2013 September
Chinese ,Traditional

Tel: 00 33 1 44 75 85 29
Addrese: 13 Rue d'Aligre, 75012 Paris

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