Domaine Restaurant – The Vale – Mauritius Visit Review: 12.8

Mauritius in wife-beater !

Restaurant discovered thanks to a friend who lives in Mauritius for more than 10 years. If you want local and good food, this is the place to go. But in a cool way because the service is slow motion.

Anyway, it’s better to be cool because even finding it is worth it. And when you see the bunch of local champion leaning on the counter, you say that it is not here that you must try to play the touch guy.

The decoration is very heteroclite, between marine paintings, huge plaster dodo, stuffed deer, Buddha statue, darts target, improbable vase and life-size statues (authentic, of course !!!) of soldiers of Emperor Qin. More the sound equipment when there are concert!

Wide menu of Mauritian dishes, but also Chinese and Indian cookings. Meat, fish, shellfish, everything. And rum for the end, of course.

Complete package about 20 euros, it’s the height of luxury!

Date of the visite: 2016 July
Mauritius ,Traditional
Domaine Restaurant Maurice

Tel: 00 230 263 52 86
Addrese: Narainen Street, Upper Vale, The Vale, Île Maurice

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