D’Chez Eux – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.2

You bank account is now empty…

- Bertrand Gautreau

Come on, I’ll do my old man: it was better before! And it must be said that since the departure of Jean-Pierre Court, a spark is lacking in this house that I have frequented several times.

The worst for me is probably the disappearance of the mythical dessert tray, a marvel of delicacies that showed you your ability to transform into a ruminant and suddenly revealed a new stomach.

After rumen, reticulum and amosum, you discover the abomasum that opened the prospect of you still stuffing chocolate mousse, pear with wine, plums with Armagnac, a charlotte or candied fruit. So why this disappearance?

No financial reasons because the bill is so wild today that the margin is always saved.

Too much stewardship in the kitchen? Maybe, but again, when you apply those prices, you have to offer service.

So what’s left? The few slices of sausage and andouillette offered on arrival, a friendly and efficient service, traditional and well-made dishes (cassoulet at 34 euros, rib beef, sweetbreads, a purebred chicken at 102 euros for two (! ), a rustic setting, photographs of personalities.

D'Chez Eux Cassoulet

D’Chez Eux Cassoulet


D'Chez Eux Saint-Jacques

D’Chez Eux Saint-Jacques


D'Chez Eux Paris-Brest

D’Chez Eux Paris-Brest

And misses the spark …

Date of the visite: 2016 December
Collège culinaire de France ,Traditional
D'Chez Eux Saint-Jacques

Tel: 00 33 1 47 05 52 55
Website: www.chezeux.com/fr/
Addrese: 2 Avenue Lowendal - Paris 75007

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