Imperial Hotel Daniell’s Tavern – New-Delhi – India Visit Review: 12.6

Imperial price !

First of all you have to be careful as Imperial is the name of the hotel, which has several restaurants including the Daniell. And the staff guides you without asking any questions at any restaurant even if you have made a reservation! We were first placed in 1911 while our hotel, the Shangri-La, made us the booking in live. So no problem of understanding possible!

We finally arrived at the right restaurant. Traditional Indian cuisine. Excellent waiter. Good choice of wines. Good traditional dishes. Beautiful frame. Group of music for the atmosphere.

Imperial Hotel Daniell's Tavern

Imperial Hotel Daniell’s Tavern

Why such a low rating? A cause of the price! 246 euros for 2 starters, 2 courses, 1 dessert and a bottle of wine, it becomes very expensive. I know perfectly we are in a luxury hotel but the quality of the food does not justify the price differential compared to other Indian restaurants I have tried.

Before or after your meal, do not hesitate to walk in the corridors of the hotel. We found ourselves immersed in Victorian England. Sublime. The note of the frame saves in part the note.

Date of the visite: 2015 November
Exceptional setting ,Indian ,Traditional
Imperial Hotel Daniell's Tavern

Tel: 00 91 11 2334 1234
Addrese: Janpath, New Delhi 110002, Inde

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