Crêperie Onze – La Garenne-Colombes – France Visit Review: 15,6

Souvenirs! Souvenirs!

How many remembrances reminded me of this Master Class organized by the owners of the Onze crêperie! Work of the dough as Françoise Caradec, a pancakes maker from my childhood in Fouesnant did. With her muscular arms (and yes, no machine drummer!), she kneaded buckwheat flour, water, and eggs by hand.


Crêperie Onze Cuisine

Crêperie Onze Cuisine



And that’s how this Garenne-Colombes restaurant always works with its products.

Well, it’s just pancakes, you’re going to tell me. But not like the billions distributed to you on every street corner, covered with a Nutella that has melted in the sun or the radiation of a bilig.


Crêperie Onze C'est moi qui l'ai faite !

Crêperie Onze C’est moi qui l’ai faite !


So here, as you might expect, no spaghetti, sauerkraut or egg rolls, only to make a “marketing” story and look “in the mood”.


Crêperie Onze Crêpe et rozell

Crêperie Onze Crêpe et rozell



But if you want to immerse yourself (like me) in your childhood memories of Brittany, from the Quiberon peninsula to Quimperlé, from Beg-Meil to Quimper (yes, ok I limit to the south), take a trip to La Garenne-Colombes (or the Food-truck de la Défense).

And to perfect your education, a wide choice of ciders. We are not limited to the primary Brut/Doux alternative, but four brands are available in nine different products. And draught cider too.


Crêperie Onze Crêpe caramel

Crêperie Onze Crêpe caramel



Perhaps Bruno de Monte, Ferrandi’s boss, should be asked to integrate the handling of the rozell into the NVQ program…



No bill since it was a MasterClass to which I was invited.


Date of the visite: 2019 January
Terrace ,Traditional ,West-France
Crêperie Onze Crêpe et rozell

Tel: 00 33 9 83 34 44 93
Addrese: 11 Place de la Liberté, 92250 La Garenne-Colombes

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