Cinq Fois Plus – Paris – France Visit Review: 9

Salted disaster.

Restaurant that declines a concept that seems to have already worked well with cilli peppers. But this time, five times more than what?

Cinq fois Plus Au cas où...

Cinq fois Plus You are informed…


Cinq fois Plus Devanture

Cinq fois Plus Facade

Well, the chef must be very, very in love because it appears that it is salt.

The vermicelli soup and ground pork was absolutely inedible. And the waitress did not seem surprised because when I told her about my problem, she immediately offered to bring me a bowl of extra stock to dilute the contents of the soup. I would have preferred to have a meal, but either.

But it was too late. The rest of the meal was wasted, impossible to get rid of dryness. Desserts pieces a little expensive.

Check of 19.70 for 1.

Date of the visite: 2017 June
Chinese ,Terrace
Cinq fois Plus Au cas où...

Tel: 00 33 659586707
Addrese: 2/4, rue Bernard de Clairvaux 75003 Paris

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