Chez Léna et Mimile – Paris – France Visit Review: 12

It kills!

This is the 3rd time (and probably last) I’m going there in 12 years. My impressions have not changed: quality elements worked in a bistro way.

Overall an addition 20% too expensive. Obviously, you pay the terrace, peace, the 5th district. We know it. But better to be warned before.

The staff and the boss are extremely smiling, kind, considerate. There is a large influx in summer, “tourist oblige”, but they do not let themselves overflow.

So if you want to do something original, it’s a nice place. But for a plate of spanish delicatessen (very good), a pig piece (well cooked, very tender, but cooked with soy sauce so a little salty), a rice pudding banal and two glasses of Rioja: 65 euros. It kills!

Two thirds of the desserts are Pierre Hermé, so not homemade. This avoids cooking work, but I’m not sure it’s the role of a restaurant to make pastry branch.

Date of the visite: 2014 July

Tel: 00 33 1 47 07 72 47
Addrese: 32 Rue Tournefort, 75005 Paris

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