Chez Jenny – Paris – France Visit Review: 14

THE alsacian Brasserie!

As an Alsatian, I can only have a weakness for this Parisian institution even if it sometimes happens to disappoint me. Thus the removal of the beer Météor of the menu, replaced by a Kronenbourg which has nothing more Alsatian than history. Yes, Obernai is just a brewing place.

Similarly, the Asahi is partly made in the Czech Republic (look at the back of the cans) and much of the corsican charcuterie is made with Breton pigs!

There remains the flamekueches and the sauerkraut. For the first, phew, we avoid the versions that could make it seem like pizzas. There are only four types and that’s fine!

Five for sauerkraut including the famous sauerkraut of the Sea which is not at all an heresy, contrary to what some people think. We must not forget that Alsace was an important place of passage between the North Sea and the center of Europe. To see and cook fish was quite normal. On the other hand, for the declination “Royale” with 1/2 Canadian lobster ….

The sauerkraut is still home worked, I had the opportunity to discuss with the director who was kind enough to make me visit the kitchens. Recipe well codified and traditional.

If sauerkraut scares you, refer to a pig knuckle with beer, caramelized with honey. But above all, ask for horseradish, as condiment that will accompany as well or better our specialties that mustard.

If all this does not really tempt you, then there is the Baeckeoffe, mille-feuille of potatoes, pork, lamb and beef.

If you still have a small place, the apple strudel is obvious. Otherwise, fresh, the ice cream at Chez Jenny which highlights the Mirabelle plums. Like the crumble.

Wine list that gives pride to Alsace, a bit logical.

Date of the visite: 2016 November
Alsace-Lorraine ,Brasserie ,Traditional
Chez Jenny

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