Chez Françoise – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.6

Level inversely proportional to the floor.

- Philippe Leglise

Title that may seem perverse if you do not know that Chez Françoise restaurant is hidden for more than half a century under the terminal of the Invalides.

It was an establishment that I attended regularly during the 90s. I returned there a little less than three years ago without disappointment.

It must be said that storing the title of Maître Restaurateur is often time (I know one or two rare exceptions) pledge of quality.

I did not do very original by ordering Home made Foie gras and roasted sweetbread with a juice with green citron.

On the other hand, to my great despair, the waiter who had been there for all eternity and was preparing the crèpes Suzette left for a better world. The subsitute had a little tendency to use the sugar bowl like maracas. I was out of reach but it was unfortunate for the table next door. The pancakes were no less good.

Chez Françoise Corton-Charlemange Grand Cru Rapet

Chez Françoise Corton-Charlemange Grand Cru Rapet

I avoid the usual couplet on the politicians table, the parliamentarians’ restaurant and its corresponding menu, go there for the table rather than hoping to rub shoulders with the beautiful world.

Date of the visite: 2014 November
Maître-Restaurateur ,Terrace ,Traditional
Chez Françoise Corton-Charlemange Grand Cru Rapet

Tel: 00 33 1 47 05 49 03
Addrese: rue Paul et Jean Lerolle Aérogare des Invalides 75007 Paris

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