Café de la gare – Antananarivo – Madagascar Visit Review: 13.2

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As its name the “Café de la Gare” is an establishment that is located in the old train station of Tananarive.

Immediately you will be immersed in the warm atmosphere of a “Brasserie à la Française”. Here we do not wait for the train and we will not miss it since the Café de la Gare has become the meeting place for all tourists, expatriates, artists, politicians, lovers and trendy young people…finally a place where you feel good and where you have to show yourself.

In fact an institution with the fireplace in the room, the garden on the terrace, the bar. It is true that the place is impressive by the majesty of the chandeliers that illuminate the whole dining room.

Bruno Waha, director with belgian origin, is the “Chef de Gare”, he manages and welcomes with a smile all the passengers who are always received in first class. Local cuisine where foie gras is presented in all its forms, zebu meat sauce with green pepper is a classic, not to mention the comrades, lobster tails, prawns, grouper.

Every week there is a program of local orchestras.

Date of the visite: 2012 August

Tel: 00 261 32 07 090 77
Addrese: Tananarive

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